11 Zero-V.O.C. Paint Brands For Healthier Indoor Air

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What’s The Issue With V.O.C.s?

V.O.C.s are chemicals (including formaldehyde, phthalates and benzene) that easily transform into gas and are released into the air. 

These chemicals are found in thousands of different products, from paint to carpeting to furniture to glue but also in routinely used home products such as personal care products, new furniture, cleaners or room deodorizers.

Research published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology reveals that over 100 varieties of everyday consumer goods harbor at least one, and frequently several, chemicals associated with cancer or issues related to reproductive and developmental health.

Why Should You Use Zero-V.O.C Paint?

Dr. Arthur Chang, C.D.C chief medical officer, highlights that among the primary contributors to V.O.C.s exposure are construction materials like new building materials and fresh paints.

Exposure to volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s) can lead to short-term symptoms such as eye and throat irritation, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. 

In the long term, it is associated with adverse health effects including cancer, and harm to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys.

How To Find Zero-V.O.C. Paints?

“One of the best defenses against V.O.C.s in your indoor air is to keep levels low in the first place when shopping for paint” according to Dr. Chang.

For Allen Kyi, production director at Kingkonree, the key is to look for paints explicitly labeled “zero-V.O.C.” which should indicate minimal volatile organic compounds presence, ideally less than 5 grams per liter. 

He explains that shifting to zero-V.O.C. paints in their factories significantly improved the air quality and reduced health-related complaints from the staff.

greenguard certified furniture

Zero V.O.C. Paints Certifications and Labels You Can Trust

  • Green Seal 

The Green Seal is a prestigious certification awarded to products and services that meet rigorous environmental, health, and performance standards. Green Seal certified products are recognized as being more sustainable, safer, and environmentally preferable options compared to conventional alternatives.

The Green Seal certification is widely used and accepted by green building programs, purchasers, and consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact through their purchasing decisions.


The GREENGUARD Certification Program ensures that indoor products adhere to strict chemical emissions limits, promoting healthier indoor environments. By testing products in dynamic environmental chambers, UL Environment verifies their safety and sustainability claims with empirical scientific data.

This certification is important for paints and finishes as it helps reduce indoor air pollution, which can lead to immediate and long-term health problems. Poor indoor air quality can cause various health issues, including respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and even chronic conditions like asthma.

  • Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program

Products that earn the Safer Choice label have undergone rigorous evaluation by the EPA to ensure they meet stringent health and environmental criteria. The Safer Choice certification provides consumers with an easy way to identify and choose safer, more sustainable product options across a wide range of categories from household cleaners to industrial chemicals.

More Tips to Reduce V.O.C.s When Painting

K. Kozorys, co-founder at Unique Tiles, recommends considering water-based paints as they tend to have lower levels of V.O.C.s compared to oil-based paints, making them a safer choice for indoor use. 

The interior designer also advises to opt for natural or eco-friendly brushes and rollers when applying the paint. This will further reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and ensure that your entire painting process is non-toxic.

Even with zero V.O.C. paints, proper ventilation is crucial during application. Maintaining good airflow helps improve the air quality during painting projects. 

If a new purchase has that sickly chemical smell, put it in a garage or on a patio to let it off-gas for a few days.

11 Zero-V.O.C.s Paint Brands

GREENGUARD Certified Paint Brands

1. Valspar


Valspar is an American manufacturer of paint and coatings that was founded in 1806 and is now a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams. Valspar offers a wide range of high-quality interior and exterior paints, including zero or low V.O.C.s (volatile organic compound) options that are environmentally friendly.

2. Sherwin-Williams


Sherwin-Williams is a major American paint and coatings company that offers a wide range of low and zero V.O.C. paint options for interior and exterior use. Their Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex paint is free from V.O.C. and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, making it a perfect choice for nurseries and other sensitive spaces. 

3. Stainmaker


STAINMASTER Performance™ Interior Paint and Primer offers a solution for homeowners seeking both color versatility and high performance. Certified for low chemical emissions, it prioritizes indoor air quality. Its 100% Acrylic formula ensures easy cleanup with soap and water, while its antimicrobial properties resist mold and mildew.

4. Fiberlock


Lead Barrier Compound by Fiberlock Technologies offers a reliable solution for abatement of lead-based paint, forming a permanent barrier between the paint and the environment. Designed with a thermoplastic elastomeric blend, it creates a durable and flexible seal. Lead Barrier Compound is GREENGUARD Certified, ensuring low chemical emissions for indoor air quality.

5. Pinty Plus


Pintyplus Water Based Spray Paint offers durability and flexibility with minimal odor. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Available in varnish and primer options, it withstands outdoor elements and resists fading, scratches, and fingerprints. Its quick drying time of just 1 hour means that you can repaint in 15 minutes. Cleanup is easy with soap and water, and it’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, guaranteeing low chemical emissions for improved indoor air quality.

6. PPG Paints


PPG Paints offer a selection of paints and coatings free from V.O.C. With zero V.O.C. and low odor, it’s ideal for occupied spaces and delivers durable performance. Recommended for interior walls, ceilings, and trim, it ensures a consistent finish. Key features include excellent hiding and coverage, zero V.O.C., resistance to mold and mildew, and easy application.

Other Zero-V.O.C Paints Brands

7. Benjamin Moore’s Natura line

CERTIFIED Asthma & allergy friendly

Green Seal Certified

Eco Spec® is a “green” interior premium paint. It has zero V.O.C. and zero emissions and is therefore a perfect choice when an environmentally responsible paint is required. Eco Spec is tinted with Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® zero V.O.C. colorant system.

8. Bioshield

BioShield Healthy Living Paints are zero-V.O.C., solvent-free wall paints. They are economical, breathable, washable paint with a high-hiding capacity.

9. Earth Paint

Earthpaint was born in 2005 and provides safe and eco-friendly options to toxic finishes. With a dedication to innovation and expertise, Earthpaint seeks new ways to redefine industry standards, ensuring that their products offer both safety and performance.

10. AFM Safecoat

AFM Safecoat provides environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers and related green building products.

11. Eco Paints

Eco Paints are water-based, eco-friendly paints formulated without the harsh chemicals found in conventional paints that can cause headaches, nausea, and worse. Their products deliver best-in-class appearance and enhanced durability – with no harsh fumes or odors.

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