My Review of Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets (2024)

Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets have made a notable entrance in the sustainable products world.

As someone deeply invested in eco-friendly solutions, I was naturally curious about these sheets and their potential impact on my laundry routine. After giving them a test run, I’m eager to share my findings.

Note that this review is purely based on my personal experience and observations.

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Earth Breeze – Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets

Pros | Plastic-free laundry solution, easy to use, save space, effective cleaning.

Cons | Doesn’t dissolve properly in cold wash, sheets can stick together if stored in humid conditions, the number of loads per sheet can be misleading, costly.

Verified Reviews | 4.4/5 stars over 67,381 ratings

Price | 30 strips for $20 or $12 if you subscribe

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About Earth Breeze

Earth Breeze is a company focused on environmental sustainability and ethical practices. The brand claims to have prevented over 10.2 million plastic jugs from entering landfills and planted 150,000 trees to aid in environmental regeneration and carbon sequestration.

They report cleaning 12,000 pounds of plastic from global waterways and ecosystems. On the social responsibility front, Earth Breeze has reportedly donated 2.2 million warm meals via food bank partnerships and provided over 100 million loads of laundry detergent globally through their Buy One Give Ten initiative.

The company identifies itself as vegan and cruelty-free and is a member of “1% For The Planet,” committing to donate 1% of its revenue to select non-profits. Furthermore, they assert a carbon-neutral footprint across their supply chain.

Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets – Unique Features 

The Earth Breeze Laundry Sheet, as described on their website, is an alternative to traditional laundry detergents. These sheets eliminate the need for plastic jugs and are formulated to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution.

They are dermatologist-tested, aiming to be gentle on the skin while effectively addressing stains and odors. Designed for compatibility, these sheets are suitable for all washing machines, including high-efficiency variants.

The sheets are also claimed to be hypoallergenic, targeting those with sensitive skin. Earth Breeze emphasizes their environmental efforts, noting that each purchase contributes to initiatives like ocean clean-ups and tree plantings, while also reducing single-use plastic consumption.

They also highlight partnerships with charities to provide meals and laundry detergent donations. The Laundry Sheet is promoted as free from parabens, bleaches, dyes, phthalates, and phosphates. Additionally, with each purchase, the company claims to donate detergent for ten laundry loads to individuals in need.

Ingredients Analysis – Are Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets Safe To Use?

According to Earth Breeze, the formula for the laundry detergent sheet is dermatologist tested, bleach-free, phosphate-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, as well as vegan and cruelty-free. And they are certified biodegradable by OECD 301B standards.

Full List Of Ingredients

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets are made from Glycerol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Protease, Polyvinyl Alcohol (100% water soluble), Deionized Water, and Starch.

The Fresh Scent variant is made from Glycerol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Protease, Polyvinyl alcohol (100% water soluble), Deionized Water, Fragrance, and Starch.

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Research sourced from West Liberty University provides insights on some of these ingredients. Specifically, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate is highlighted for its environmental implications, as it has been found to be harmful to aquatic life, exhibiting prolonged effects. In terms of safety precautions, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate can cause irritation or even serious eye damage when it comes in contact with skin and eyes.

Fragrances – Warning

The term “Fragrance” in the Fresh Scent variant warrants attention. “Fragrance” in products is concerning due to its ambiguous nature. Over 95% of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances come from petrochemicals, which can include hazardous toxins linked to serious health issues, including cancer and birth defects. 

In the U.S., companies can legally use the term “fragrance” to hide numerous synthetic chemicals without specifying them, a practice stemming from an outdated effort to protect trade secrets. Many products, from personal care items to household cleaners, contain “fragrance,” which can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin. 

Despite some countries banning harmful ingredients commonly found in fragrances, the U.S. has been slower in taking similar measures. It’s advised to be cautious and avoid products listing “fragrance” as an ingredient, and to read labels meticulously. If a product doesn’t fully disclose its ingredients, Maria Rodale (lifelong advocate for organic farming)  recommends reconsidering its use.

My Honest Review of Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets

Having transitioned to shampoo and soap bars a while ago, I thought, “Why not extend this eco-journey to my laundry routine?” That’s how I stumbled upon Earth Breeze. Their commitment to reducing plastic waste and the promising reviews intrigued me enough to give it a try.

First Impressions

On the eco-front, Earth Breeze highly advertised the way they want to fight plastic waste and pollution. And the package arrived wrapped in plastic, I was a tad disappointed.

On a brighter note, I was genuinely pleased with how space-efficient these sheets were. My laundry cabinet certainly looks less cluttered. The sheets, with their compact design, also seemed handy for travel. And the fresh linen scent right out of the box? A delightful touch.

Using the Product

Here’s where I felt a mix of impressions. The website’s promise of “60 loads from 30 sheets” seemed straightforward. But when you dig into the details, it’s half a sheet for light loads, one sheet for regular, and two for heavily soiled laundry. If you’re someone dealing with regular outdoor dirt, that’s essentially halving your load count. I felt that this could have been communicated better.

Hot Water vs Cold Water

In terms of use it’s quite simple, place a sheet in the detergent dispenser and let the machine do its work.

My first run on a regular hot water cycle was good—the clothes came out clean. However, the fresh linen scent from the box was conspicuously absent from the cleaned laundry.

My next attempt on a cold cycle with delicate clothes revealed another hiccup: the sheet didn’t dissolve entirely, leaving behind a residue. Some online reviews resonated with this issue, although, thankfully, I didn’t find any residue on my clothes. Cleaning-wise, my laundry seemed spot-on: whites remained white, colors were vibrant, but I missed that freshly laundered fragrance.

A small note on storage: if your storage area has even a hint of humidity, these sheets tend to stick together. I’ve since stored them in a zip-lock bag, which does the trick.

Regarding pricing

The website lists 30 strips at $20 (or $12 if you opt for a subscription). Note that the subscription can be canceled anytime. On Amazon, the price is in between.

In Conclusion

Earth Breeze sheets undoubtedly offer environmental benefits and a clutter-free laundry experience. The convenience is undeniable, and I appreciate not lugging around heavy detergent bottles. However, the missing scent post-wash and the ambiguity around pricing make me pause. While I respect their environmental ethos, I’m still on the fence about whether it’s a cost-effective solution for my laundry needs.

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Pros & Cons of Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets


  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: The Laundry sheet indeed reduce plastic waste, promoting a sustainable approach to laundry.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The sheets are compact, leading to a less cluttered laundry cabinet.
  • Travel-Friendly: Their size and form make them convenient for traveling/camping.
  • Pleasant Initial Scent: The fresh linen scent out of the box is delightful.
  • Ease of Use: Simply place a sheet in the detergent dispenser.
  • Effective Cleaning: Clothes come out clean, with whites staying white and colors vibrant.
  • No Heavy Bottles: A welcome departure from lugging around hefty detergent bottles.


  • Packaging: Despite the eco-friendly promise, the product arrives wrapped in plastic.
  • Ambiguous Load Count: The website’s promise regarding the number of loads per sheet can be misleading.
  • Scent Doesn’t Last: The fresh linen scent from the box doesn’t transfer to the cleaned laundry.
  • Dissolving Issue: On cold cycles, the sheet might not dissolve entirely, leading to potential residue.
  • Humidity Sensitivity: Sheets can stick together if stored in humid conditions.
  • Cost Effectiveness: $20 (without subscription) to do 30 laundry loads is just not cost effective

Shop Earth Breeze – Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets

Alternatives to Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets

Best Sulfate-Free Laundry Detergent

1. Lazy Coconuts – Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips

Non-Toxic Ingredients – Sodium lauryl sulfate (plant-derived surfactant), Kaolin (absorbent clay), Polyvinyl alcohol, Cocamide (plant-derived surfactant)

The eco-friendly laundry detergent strips by Lazy Coconuts are unlike any other product. The sheets that look and feel like paper dissolve in water and use plant-derived surfactants to clean stubborn stains. The strips contain zero parabens, bleach, or dye, making them 100% safe for sensitive skin.

Additionally, Lazy Coconut’s laundry detergent strips are vegan, biodegradable, and 20x lighter than liquid detergents. That’s interesting because it reduces transportation fuel and the overall carbon footprint with each load. 

Since the strips use 100% plant products, they are completely plastic-free. Each pack gives you about 48 loads, which is quite impressive.


  • Dissolves quickly 
  • Leaves no residue 
  • Easy to use 


  • Is scent-free 
  • May need more than the recommended amount for large loads


Best Zero-Waste Detergent For Deep Cleaning 

2. Dropps – Stain And Odor Laundry Detergent

Non-Toxic Ingredients – Natural enzymes, plant-based surfactants, minerals

Sustainable laundry detergent pods are something only a few imagined, but Dropps made it happen. These eco-friendly pods help remove stains and eliminate odors in clothing, linens, and more with the help of natural enzymes and plant-based ingredients. 

Dropps Stain and Odor Laundry Detergent not only removes odors and stubborn stains, it keeps the clothes smelling fresh, and colors bold and bright. If you do not like the unscented detergent, you can choose between Pine, Lavender & Eucalyptus, Ocean, and Orange Blossom fragrances. 


  • Available in multiple scents 
  • User-friendly packaging
  • Available in multiple sizes 


  • May need more than the recommended amount 
  • Some scents may be overpowering 


Best Eco-Friendly Economic Detergent Bar

3. Tangie – Laundry Soap Washing Detergent Bar

Non-Toxic Ingredients – Plant-based soap of coconut & olive oils, soap nuts liquid, yucca powder (washing), baking soda (freshening)

Tangie’s Laundry Soap Washing Detergent Bar might seem like an ordinary bar but don’t be mistaken. This bar can be diluted using water to create liquid laundry detergent that can wash up to 256 loads. 

You can also cut the bar in quarters to dissolve it fully and enjoy a huge supply of laundry detergent at a fraction of the price. 

The bar works well on all fabrics, including athletic wear. Moreover, the formula is suitable for front and top-loading machines. Although the concentrate has no added fragrance, it will leave your clothing with a freshly laundered smell. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Easy to use 
  • Contains natural ingredients 


  • Some may find the dilute icky 


Best Overall Plastic-Free Laundry Detergent

4. Blueland – Laundry Starter Set

Non-Toxic Ingredients – Sodium Carbonate, Citric acid

Blueland has become synonymous with the zero-waste lifestyle, and their laundry detergent is one of the top-rated products. Ditch the plastic-coated laundry pods and opt for Blue Land’s detergent tablets. One tablet is enough to clean a load of laundry; however, if your clothes are super dirty, add two. 

The scent-less tablets are made from super-clean ingredients, are 3x smaller than the equal load-sized container, and contain zero harsh chemicals. 

They are vegan, gluten-free, soy, and nut-free. You can also get your hands on the refills instead of the whole starter pack to avail a discount.


  • Easy to use 
  • Contains natural ingredients 
  • Refills available 


  • Scents not available 
  • No other sizes are available 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Earth Breeze sheets work in cold water?

The sheets were tested in cold water with delicate clothes, and the experience shared indicated that the sheet didn’t dissolve entirely, leaving behind residue. So while they can be used in cold water, there might be concerns regarding complete dissolution.

Is Earth Breeze more expensive?

The Earth Breeze website lists 30 strips at $20, with a discounted price of $12 if opting for a subscription. Prices may vary on other platforms. Based on the shared experience, there’s a perception that the cost may not be as effective given the actual number of sheets required for different types of loads.

What are the cons of laundry detergent sheets?

Based on the shared experience:
-They might not retain the fragrance post-wash.
-In cold water cycles, the sheets might not dissolve entirely, potentially leaving behind residue.
-In humid storage conditions, the sheets may stick together.
-There’s ambiguity in the number of loads per sheet, which can be misleading for consumers.
-The eco-friendly message may be offset if the packaging is not consistent with the brand’s environmental ethos, such as arriving wrapped in plastic.

How many Earth Breeze sheets per load?

For Earth Breeze sheets, half a sheet is recommended for light loads, one sheet for regular loads, and two sheets for heavily soiled laundry.

Is Earth Breeze worth it?

Based on the personal experience shared, Earth Breeze offers several environmental benefits and provides a clutter-free laundry experience. While there are aspects to appreciate, such as its space efficiency and commitment to reducing plastic waste, there are also areas of concern like the missing scent post-wash and potential ambiguity around pricing. It’s a mix of pros and cons, and its worthiness might hinge on individual preferences and priorities.

All pictures credits belong to respective brands.

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