10 Safe And Non-Toxic Rugs For Nursery and Kid Room (2024)

Toxic Chemicals Found in Rugs According to the American Lung Association, synthetic rugs like those made of nylon, are known for releasing toxic gases. These chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are often found in the materials used to manufacture rugs, such as synthetic fibers, dyes, adhesives, and treatments for stain resistance or fire retardancy. … Read more

The Hidden Chemicals in Your Flower Bouquet: 27 Facts and Statistics (2024)

The use of pesticides and chemicals in cut flowers is a pressing concern that often goes unnoticed. While we are captivated by the beauty of a vibrant bouquet, the dark reality is that these flowers often contain toxic substances and are sourced unethically from distant locations. A study conducted in Belgium revealed that roses, one … Read more

Cold Press vs Centrifugal: Lab Tests Challenge Popular Juicing Myths

In a world increasingly captivated by health and wellness trends, cold press juicers have been touted as the superior choice over centrifugal juicer and citrus presses for those seeking to maximize their vitamin intake. This claim, frequently echoed by industry players, has gained significant traction amidst the popular detox diets that heavily incorporate juice consumption. … Read more

News: EPA Proposes Major Rule to Address Lead in Drinking Water and Plastic Pollution

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken a significant step towards environmental protection and public health with the introduction of the Lead and Copper Rule Improvement (LCRI) on November 30, 2023. This new rule aims to reduce the use and distribution of single-use plastic water bottles and address the longstanding issue of lead contamination … Read more

Your Guide to the Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes and the Fluoride Controversy

Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes

In recent years, fluoride-free toothpaste has emerged as a significant topic in the world of oral health, driven by growing concerns over the potential toxicity of fluoride in water and the risk of fluorosis. Fluoride, long celebrated for its cavity-preventing properties, has faced scrutiny due to reports and studies suggesting its overexposure might lead to … Read more

Is Cider Fast Fashion? | Debunking Cider’s Greenwashing Claims

Is Cider Fast Fashion?

Is Cider Fast Fashion? Fast fashion is a term used to describe a business model employed by retailers who frequently update their collections to reflect the latest fashion trends.  These garments are typically sold at low prices and are often of low quality.  In this article we analyse Cider sustainability claims to help you make … Read more

14 Vegan And Cruelty-Free Lip Oils For Moisturized Plumped Lips

Cruelty-Free Lip Oils

Lip oils have gained popularity in the beauty and skincare industry for several reasons: When it comes to being vegan and cruelty-free, these aspects add several more layers of appeal: Read also our article about Cruelty-Free Face Washes, Cruelty-Free Vitamin C Serums, and Cruelty-Free Eyelash Serums. The Conscious Insider is reader supported. When you buy something … Read more

13 Stylish Organic Cotton Blankets for All Seasons

Organic Cotton Blankets

Here’s our curated selection of 13 Stylish Organic Cotton Blankets for All Seasons. Organic cotton is celebrated for its environmental friendliness, as it’s grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. This results in a product that’s not only safer for the planet but also for your skin, providing a hypoallergenic and soft touch ideal for all … Read more

10 Best Organic Chamomile Teas To Try in 2024

Organic Chamomile Tea

Read also our articles about Best Ginger Teas, Best Turmeric Teas, or Non-Toxic Tea Kettles. The Conscious Insider is reader supported. When you buy something we recommend, we might earn an affiliate commission at no extra charge for you. Benefits Of Organic Chamomile Tea 1.Promotes Improved Sleep: Recognized as a natural remedy for insomnia, the calming … Read more