Top Sustainable Beauty Trends To Expect In 2023

In 2023, sustainability continues to be at the forefront of the beauty industry. With the growing awareness of the impact of personal care products on the environment, consumers are seeking out eco-friendly alternatives that prioritize both their health and the planet’s well-being. From DIY beauty products to plant-based formulas, here are the sustainable beauty trends to look out for in 2023.

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Sustainable Beauty Trends
Sustainable Beauty Trends in 2023

1. Non-Toxic Products: “Free From” 

Women use an average of 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. For men it’s an average of six personal care products that contain 85 different chemicals according to EWG.

Another trend that will continue to dominate in 2023 is the “free from” trend. People are more aware than ever of the harmful chemicals that are present in many beauty products. As a result, they’re looking for products that are free from toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, etc.

2. Sustainable Packaging: Plastic-Free, Renewable, Recyclable, and Biodegradable

When shopping for beauty and personal care products, consumers consider the respect for the environment (17.6%), and the use of recyclable packaging (15.8%) according to Nielsen IQ.

Sustainability is a key consideration in every aspect of our lives, and beauty is no exception. In 2023, we’ll see a rise in sustainable packaging options, with brands adopting recyclable, recycled or sustainable materials instead of plastic. Sustainable packaging not only benefits the environment but also helps brands build a positive image among customers. Brands that are seen as environmentally responsible and socially conscious are likely to attract more customers especially among younger generations.

Sustainable Beauty Trends
Sustainable Beauty Trends – Sustainable Packaging

3. Cruelty-Free

The production process of many skin care ingredients involves cruel testing on animals, which is a common practice in the cosmetic industry. 

The trend towards cruelty-free beauty products shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. People are increasingly aware of the impact that their choices have on animals and the environment. As a result, they’re looking for products that are certified cruelty-free and pledge to never test on animals. 

4. Plant-based formulas 

When shopping for beauty and personal care products, consumers consider first the presence of natural ingredients (40.2%) according to Nielsen IQ.

When using plant-based beauty products, consumers contribute to minimize their impact on the environment and support sustainable development. Conventional skin care products are generally derived from petrochemicals which have strong consequences on the environment.

Additionally, unlike conventional beauty products that may contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, natural beauty products are made from natural and plant-based ingredients. Expect to see more brands touting their use of natural ingredients.

Sustainable Beauty Trends - Plant-based formula
Sustainable Beauty Trends – Plant-based formula

5. Vitamins and supplements

According to Statista, in 2022 the worldwide market for dietary supplements reached $147 billion, and it is expected to double by 2030.

Vitamins and supplements have long been a staple in the wellness industry, but in 2023, they’ll be even more essential to the beauty industry. More people are realizing that healthy hair and skin start from within, and that vitamins and supplements can help support their beauty goals. Look out for products that contain biotin, vitamin C, and collagen, which can help improve hair and skin health.

6. Transparency of Ingredients & Labels

Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about the ingredients in their beauty products, and they’re demanding transparency from brands. In 2023, we’ll see more brands providing detailed information about the ingredients they use, as well as their sourcing and production processes. 

By being upfront about the ingredients they use, natural cosmetics brands encourage greater trust between consumers and brands, fostering a sense of accountability that benefits both parties.

Sustainable labels help consumers make informed decisions and support brands that are committed to sustainability. These certifications are a powerful tool against greenwashing and false claims made by companies.

Sustainable Beauty Trends – Non-toxic products

7. DIY Beauty Products

Another trend that’s gaining traction in 2023 is the DIY beauty trend. People are looking for ways to make their own beauty products using natural ingredients like honey, coconut oil, and aloe vera. 

DIY beauty products have been gaining popularity in recent years as people seek to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their waste. Creating your own beauty products allows you to control the ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals that are often found in conventional products. 

8. Mental health, wellness and beauty are merging

Mental health and wellness are becoming more closely tied to the beauty industry. In 2023, expect to see more products that aim to promote relaxation and self-care.

The merge between these 3 industries reflects a growing awareness of the importance of self-care and overall well being. Self-care practices such as skincare and hair care routines are being promoted as ways to boost self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

The beauty industry is driven by a desire for holistic approaches that address the physical, emotional and mental needs of individuals. This trend is likely to expand as people seek more comprehensive approaches to health and wellness.

Sustainable Beauty Trends - DIY products
Sustainable Beauty Trends – DIY products

9. Skinimalist trend

Skinimalism is a new concept that encourages people to adopt a minimalist approach to their skin care routine. Instead of using multiple products that promise miracles, skinimalists focus on a few key products that provide real benefits. This trend is all about quality over quantity, and it’s an ideal way to reduce waste and simplify your life.

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