Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

29 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

This carefully curated list offers you an array of decorations that not only look beautiful but also uphold the principles of sustainability. From ornaments made from recycled materials to energy-saving LED light displays, each item on this list has been chosen for its eco-friendly qualities and ethical production methods.

By choosing these sustainable options, you can create a festive atmosphere that respects the earth and contributes to a more sustainable future.

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Biodegradable Natural Wreaths 

1. Fresh Olive and Dried Floral Wreath

Crafted from fresh olive branches and dried florals from the Pacific Northwest, this wreath is a sustainable piece that decorates your door while supporting eco-friendly practices. As it naturally dries, its beauty evolves, and it can be refreshed with water.

Made in Northern California, it supports local, low-till farming and is produced in a fair trade environment, celebrating traditional craftsmanship.

2. Dried Wildflower and Greenery Wreath

This charming arrangement of dried greenery and wildflowers brings the spirit of Northern California’s foothills into your home. Responsibly sourced from sustainable farms practicing low-till methods, it supports the environment and local small-scale agriculture.

Each piece is crafted in a Northern California workshop, emphasizing traditional methods and fair trade principles. This wildflower spray is a delightful nod to winter’s natural beauty, perfect for greeting guests with a touch of everlasting nature.

3. Dried Magnolia Wheat Wreath

Experience the essence of autumn with a vibrant arrangement of magnolia leaves, seeded eucalyptus, pine cones, and wheat. Each piece is freshly cut, artfully arranged upon order, capturing the season’s rich palette.

With fresh eucalyptus at its heart, it not only adds a visual warmth to your space but also releases a bright, invigorating fragrance. This piece embodies the lively spirit of fall, perfect for enhancing any room or welcoming guests with its natural allure.

4. Forever Floral Holiday Wreath

Ellie Hodesdon’s floral wreaths are a sustainable alternative to traditional botanical decor. Each wreath is a work of art, meticulously laser-cut from birch plywood, a material cherished for its sustainability and durability.

The vibrant, fade-resistant colors come to life with eco-friendly printing inks on recycled cotton paper, ensuring that the wreath’s vivid hues remain bright throughout the seasons. Handcrafted with care, these playful yet sophisticated wreaths offer a timeless aesthetic without ever wilting, embodying both artistic flair and environmental responsibility.

Evergreen – Replantable Christmas Tree

5. Large Norfolk Island Pine

Opt for a greener holiday tradition with the Norfolk Island Pine, a live potted tree that not only adds life to your home decor but also purifies the air. Native to the stunning Norfolk Island in the Pacific, this tropical evergreen thrives indoors, offering a natural, eco-friendly alternative to cut holiday trees.

The Norfolk Island Pine is especially magnificent during the winter season, bringing a festive spirit to your home. The large specimen is sized for shipping with ample room to grow, ensuring it can be a part of your family’s celebrations for years to come while adapting to your home environment

Eco-Friendly Garlands

6. Dried Wildflower And Greenery Garland

This handcrafted garland, woven with preserved wildflowers and greenery from Northern California, brings a natural, festive touch to your home.

Each botanical is sustainably sourced from low-till farms and assembled in a fair trade workshop. Adorn your mantel or table with this eco-friendly piece to celebrate the season with a lasting, artisanal charm.

7. Fresh Olive Leaf & Myrtle Garland

This fresh garland, crafted with hand-gathered olive and myrtle leaves from Central California, offers a sustainable addition to your decor. Designed for indoor use or covered outdoor areas, it embodies natural elegance and will last up to a year, slowly drying over time.

To maintain its freshness longer, it should be kept away from heat and sunlight. As it dries, it becomes more delicate, creating a lasting, eco-friendly display of beauty with minimal environmental impact.

8. Lighted Red Berry Garland

This 6-foot Christmas garland, embellished with 238 red berries and 88 warm white LED lights, offers an energy-efficient way to brighten your holiday decor. The pre-lit garland comes with a built-in timer to conserve energy, glowing for 6 hours before automatically turning off and re-illuminating 18 hours later.

Free from power cords, it provides decorating versatility without the need for an electrical outlet. Its flexible design makes it perfect for adorning your mantelpiece or shaping into a wreath for your door, enhancing your indoor holiday setting with a warm, festive glow.

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Handmade And Cotton Stockings

14. Handwoven Azra Kilim Stocking

Celebrate the holidays with this handwoven kilim stocking, a festive and sustainable addition to your seasonal decor. Crafted by master artisans in Cappadocia, Turkey, each stocking is unique, featuring traditional patterns and timeless colors that bring a sense of warmth and heritage to your mantel.

The front is made of 100% wool, while the back is 100% cotton canvas, emphasizing the use of natural materials. Created in a fair trade environment, this stocking not only supports artisan communities but also champions eco-friendly practices, making it a true symbol of conscientious holiday cheer.

15. Classic Velvet Stockings

Available in various colors and personalized with monogramming, these luxurious velvet Christmas stockings are not just stockings but timeless keepsakes. Made of 100% cotton velvet, they’re a sustainable choice that avoids synthetic materials.

Perfect for hanging with secure hooks, these stockings can be generously filled with holiday treats while offering a classic, personalized touch to your festive celebrations.

Paper Decorations & Natural Ornaments

16. Christmas Party Decorations – 3D Paper Honeycomb
17. Christmas Hanging Snowflake Decorations
 18. Christmas Natural Pine Cones Ornament

Eco-Conscious Advent Calendars 

19. DIY Ornament Advent Calendar

This creative and eco-friendly felt ornament advent calendar is perfect for crafting enthusiasts. Each day unveils a new ornament project that’s easy for kids, requiring no sewing or glue, thanks to the included sticker sheet for decoration. T

his set not only fosters holiday excitement but also doubles as a fun educational activity with bonus word games on the box. Children can also pen their holiday hopes on the provided wish list. Proudly made in Michigan, this advent calendar is a delightful way to countdown to Santa’s arrival while encouraging sustainable crafting.

20. Through the Window Puzzle Advent Calendar

This unique Advent calendar, is featuring 24 illustrated jigsaw puzzles made from eco-friendly cardboard. Each day reveals a new mini puzzle that depicts heartwarming family holiday traditions through the perspective of a snowy apartment window.

When assembled day by day, the puzzles unite to craft a festive scene of a snug apartment building, providing not just a countdown but a collective artwork to display. This eco-conscious puzzle set turns the wait for Christmas into an engaging, environmentally responsible activity for all ages.

21. Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

The Pukka Tea 2023 Advent Calendar is an ideal gift for tea enthusiasts, offering an organic alternative to traditional chocolate advent calendars. This collection features 24 unique and delicious organic herbal blends, allowing you to explore a new flavor every day leading up to Christmas.

With ingredients ranging from soothing herbs to invigorate your relaxation, to zesty elements to stimulate the senses, this calendar is a delightful journey through expertly crafted teas. Each blend is the result of meticulous selection and blending by herbal and nutrition experts, ensuring the highest quality in each cup

Energy-Efficient LED Lights

22. LED Christmas String Lights

Brighten up your festive decorations with these energy-efficient 200 LED warm white Christmas lights, complete with a green wire that blends seamlessly into natural surroundings. These lights span a generous 82 feet, with 66 feet illuminated, and offer 8 distinct lighting modes to match every mood and occasion.

They are extendable, meaning you can connect up to 5 strands safely, thanks to the 29V low voltage plug that’s UL certified for additional safety. Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, these lights are waterproof and perfect for enhancing the holiday spirit in your garden, on your patio, or along the roofline.

23. Flameless LED Candles with Timer

Enhance your decor with our LED flameless candle set, a sustainable and safe alternative to traditional candles.

Embedded with LED light strings, these candles mimic the flickering of real flames, offering a warm ambiance.

Perfect for creating a festive or intimate atmosphere, these versatile candles are suitable for various occasions without any fire risk.

24. Solar Garden Lights

The Focusky outdoor solar firefly lamps is an eco-conscious lighting choice that harnesses solar power for illumination. The built-in sensor automatically activates the lights at dusk, ensuring energy efficiency.

Crafted from corrosion-resistant ABS plastic with a high waterproof rating, these lamps promise durability against the elements. Easy to install without wires or tools, they spread a soft, warm white light, creating a charming glow for your garden, pathways, or patio, capturing the whimsy of fireflies dancing in the dark.

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