15 Healthy Non-Toxic Slow Cookers for Toxin-Free Dishes (2024)

This article has been reviewed by Dr. Karen Vieira (PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), a leading authority in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Slow cookers have non-stick coatings that are often made from Teflon and PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). These materials raise important health and environmental concerns.

Here’s our selection of healthy and non-toxic slow cookers. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals leaching into your meals and embrace a safer, more sustainable way of preparing food.

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Our Pick for The Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker



Non-toxic Material | Ceramic nonstick coating – free of PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium
Versatile | Slow Cook, Roast, Brown/Sauté, and Steam
Easy Clean | Pot is dishwasher safe 
Color Options | Available in seven colors


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The Pros of Using Slow Cookers

The extended cooking times of slow cookers enhance flavor distribution in various recipes. Lower temperatures prevent scorching and sticking, benefiting delicate foods. Tough meats are tenderized, making slow cookers suitable for dishes like venison.

They save oven space, making them ideal for gatherings, and simplify cleaning. Slow cookers are energy-efficient, keeping kitchens cool, and their portability adds to convenience. They allow unattended, all-day cooking, making them perfect for busy individuals.

pros and cons of slow cookers
Pros and cons of slow cookers

Are Slow Cookers Safe to Use?

Certain slow cookers, particularly those labeled as non-stick, may contain PFAs, which are chemicals used to create a non-stick surface. PFAs are known to resist water, oil, and stains, but they accumulate slowly in the environment, animals, and humans. These “forever chemicals” can pose health risks, including reproductive issues, developmental delays, increased cancer risk, and immune system interference. Different types of PFAs, such as Teflon/PFTE, PFOA, and GenX, have varying degrees of concern according to the World Health Organization.

Another potential concern is the presence of aluminum interiors in some slow cookers. Aluminum has the potential to leach into food, especially when cooking acidic or meat-based dishes. The health effects of aluminum exposure are still under investigation, with debates surrounding its connection to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Accumulation of aluminum in the body over time raises concerns about long-term health implications.

In conclusion, while slow cookers offer convenience and ease of cooking, it’s crucial to be aware of the materials used in their production. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), toxic substances, such as lead, PFAs, and aluminum can potentially leach into the food during the cooking process, raising valid safety concerns.

What Materials Are Safe For Slow Cookers?

Here are the materials commonly considered safe for use in slow cookers:

  1. Ceramic: Most slow cooker inserts are made of ceramic, which is ideal because it conducts heat evenly and can withstand long cooking times.
  2. Stoneware: Similar to ceramic, stoneware is another common material used for slow cooker pots. It’s durable and retains heat well.
  3. Tempered Glass: Some slow cooker lids are made of tempered glass, which is safe as it can handle high temperatures without cracking.
  4. Stainless Steel: The outer body of many slow cookers is made of stainless steel, known for its durability and ease of cleaning.

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non-toxic slow cooker

1. GreenPan

Best Healthy Non-Toxic Slow Cooker

Non-toxic Material | Ceramic, Lead and PFAS-Free, Stainless Steel

Product Range | Cookware, ovenware, and small appliances

Price | $249

The Elite 6-Quart Slow Cooker offers the convenience of searing meat and vegetables directly in the pot before slow-cooking to perfection. This advanced slow cooker features a healthy ceramic nonstick that’s free from PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmium for toxin-free cooking.

With a range of presets including Slow Cook, Roast, Brown/Sauté, and Steam, and a removable 6QT hard anodized pot, this cooker offers both versatility and simplicity. The LCD display, tempered glass lid, and dishwasher-safe pot make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Available in 7 colors.

Customer Review:

I love this cooker. I wanted to brown meat without making more dishes to clean. I love this beautiful crisp white color. I’ve used it and it’s easy to use, takes a little getting us to all the functions but it isn’t just a crock pot it is so much more. Love the silicone on the pot handles. Thinking of trying their pots and pans next. The clean up was a breeze!” Babystine

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Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for On-The-Go Meals

Non-toxic Material | Stoneware + Stainless Steel

Product Range | Food processors, juicers, toasters

Price | $50.99

Effortlessly create delicious meals on your schedule. Just load your ingredients into the 7-quart stoneware pot, set your preferred cook time and heat level with the user-friendly digital controls (low, high, warm), and let the cooker do the rest. When cooking is complete, it automatically switches to ‘Warm’ mode. The cooker is made from ceramic and stainless steel – free from dangerous chemicals.

This non-toxic slow cooker is perfect for on-the-go meals, thanks to its secure locking lid and spacious handles. Cleaning is a made easy with the dishwasher-safe stoneware pot and tempered glass lid.

Customer Review:

“Needed a new one, and after searching for what I wanted, this one came out on top. The easy-to-read and use controls and timer. And the way this lid locks down with latches rather than a bungee type makes it easy to move or travel with. Not to mention safety if you still have kids.” –Wayne Deck

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3. Magic Mill

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Family Feasts

Non-toxic Material | BPA free, Stainless Steel, FDA Approved

Product Range | Dehydrators, Air Fryers, Slow Cookers

Price | $59.49

Cooking for large groups can be a headache but this extra large non-toxic slow cooker will save all that headache and lots of time. The food made in this pot can easily feed 10-12 people. This versatile slow cooker features 3 settings (Low, High, Keep Warm), a 20-hour digital timer, and automatic Keep Warm mode.

The removable stoneware and glass lid go in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. With clip-tight lids this non-toxic slow cooker is perfect to use at home or on the go.

Customer Review:

I used to have the standard 6-7qt, this one made me thing I didn’t fix enough for everyone, since there was so much room above the soup! Sleek looking and works like a champ!” Cassie

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4. Bella

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Potluck

Non-toxic Material | Stainless Steel, Stoneware

Product Range | Air fryers, coffee machine, skillets, waffle makers

Price | $39.99

If you are looking to cook multiple dishes at the same time, this non-toxic slow cooker is perfect. It cooks, keeps warm and serves in 3’s. It uses less energy than a stovetop cooker and features dishwaher-safe stoneware pots and tempered glass lids that make clean up easy. 

It’s ideal for parties or potluck!

Customer Review:

Awesome product. Three seperste containers and temperature settings. Great for multiple items, and or for party events.” Hattybb

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5. Cuisinart

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Homestyle Casseroles

Non-toxic Material | Stainless steel 

Product Range | Grills, portables, smokers and pellets

Price | $59.60

Cuisinart is a popular brand that offers quality. This non-toxic slow cooker combines convenience and versatility in one package. This cooker is made from non-reactive stainless steel and is free from chemicals. The 3-1/2 quart capacity is perfect for comfort meals or culinary experimentation.

The touchpad control panel comes with a 24-hour countdown timer and four cooking modes, ensuring precise results. Not to mention, it’s equipped with glass lid, automatic keep-warm features, and stay-cool handles, making cooking much more easier. The stainless steel pot and lid are dishwasher-safe.

Customer Review:

“Great size to cook 10 pounds of pork shoulder for pulled pork dinner. Comes apart easily to wash. Not heavy.” – Golfer Girl

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6. Le Creuset

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Splurge

Non-toxic Material | Cast Iron

Product Range | Dutch oven, casserole  

Price | $335.8

This Dutch oven is a fusion of style and functionality with a stunning flame color. Le Creuset’s non-toxic slow cooker is made from high-quality cast iron. It offers exceptional heat distribution and retention, ideal for slow cooking, braising, and roasting.

The enameled finish adds vibrant color and prevents chipping and cracking. The dome-shaped lid ensures continuous circulation of heat and moisture, locking in flavors. With its smooth interior enamel, caramelization is hassle-free. The wide loop handles provide a secure grip, and the stainless steel knob is safe at any oven temperature.

Customer Review:

“Total quality cast iron Dutch oven. Love it!” –  Ralph

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7. Cuisinart

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Meat Browning

Non-toxic material | Stainless steel

Product Range | Grills, portables, smokers and pellets

Price | $199.95

With Cuisinart Central Multicooker you can sear, sauté, and steam within a single pot. This non-toxic multicooker’s fully programmable features include Slow Cook, Brown/Sauté, and Steam functions. With the ability to slow cook on high, low, simmer, or warm for up to 24 hours, your mealtime options are endless.

Its stainless steel composition ensures no toxic material enters your food. Stainless steel is resistant to high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, no matter the conditions, it doesn’t release chemicals in your food. 

Customer Review:

“This crockpot is one of the best small appliances I have ever purchased. Being able to brown and sauté right in the pot and then switch to slow cooking makes preparation much easier and more efficient. I wish I found it sooner. It’s very easy to adapt any traditional recipe.” – Lynn

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8. Magnifique

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Dinner Party

Non-toxic Materials | Stoneware, Stainless Steel, Glass

Product Range | Slow cookers

Price | $54.99

The Magnifique non-toxic slow cooker serves 6+ people, making it ideal for family dinners or gatherings. From stews and roasts to pasta and more, you can diversify your menu effortlessly. The dishwasher-safe pot insert and glass lid ensure quick and easy cleanup.

You can also choose between “Low” or “High” heat settings and utilize the “Keep Warm” function to maintain food temperature for hours. The touchpad interface simplifies temperature and time adjustments. Glass and stainless steel materials make the slow cooker safe for cooking. 

 Customer Review:

I Love this slow cooker! I love that it’s not deep. If I cook chicken, it is not submerged in the juice. I purchased this to help with summer dinners while not heating up the kitchen.” –David

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Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Quick Eat

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless steel 

Product Range | Toasters, air fryer

Price | $89.99

This non-toxic slow cooker preserves food nutrients with a healthy slow stew function. You can program cooking with the digital countdown timer, spanning 30 minutes to 20 hours. The cooker shifts to the warm setting once the cook time finishes. Available in various colors and sizes, from 2 to 8.5 quarts, this safe slow cooker caters to all tastes. 

Since it has FDA certification and is made from BPA-free materials, it’s safe to use for cooking.

Customer Review:

” I used it twice, and it quit working after the second time. We did everything we could to get it to work. We called the manufacturer, and they were very disappointed. The girl could barely speak English, and all of her standard questions did not work. So I was very disappointed and threw it in the trash.” – Jerre

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10. VitaClay

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Yogurts & Dips

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless Steel, Clay

Product Range | Bone broth cookers, rice cookers

Price | $79.95

With the 2-In-1 Clay Slow Cooker, you can cook creamy, probiotic-rich yogurt effortlessly. Enjoy mini stews, pot roasts, dips, and more. Create dishes with robust flavor, thanks to the organic unglazed clay that enhances flavors and nutrients.

It has two temperature settings and a removable 2-quart clay insert. This cooker is also compact, making it perfect for individual portions, dorms, or small kitchens. VitaClay slow cooker is free from toxic metals and chemicals coating. 


Vita Clay pots are the only safe cooking pots, especially for cooking rice, baby food, yogurt, stews, meats, everything. I would never use stainless steel ever again. Clay pots are the only safe ones that don’t transfer steel or metal into your food. I love their pots, but their customer service is not good. I’m very disappointed in that.” – Shelda

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11. VitaClay

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker Wholesome Soups and Stews

Non-toxic Material | Organic clay

Product Range | Broth cookers, soup cookers

Price | $189.95

Unlike traditional slow cookers taking 8-10 hours, the Organic Clay Stock Pot achieves remarkable results faster, combining slow cooking and pressure cooking without sacrificing nutrients or flavors.

This non-toxic slow cooker is made from unglazed clay that helps to preserve flavors, unlocks vital nutrients, and naturally alkalizes foods for vibrant colors and robust tastes. You can cook bone broths, stews, and steamed dishes in short time. Since clay is an eco-friendly material, you don’t need to worry about toxins when cooking.

Customer Review:

“My wife and I use this cooker every week. We love it! Soups just don’t taste the same cooked any other way. Highly recommend you add this to your kitchen!”- Alex

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12. Breville

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Home Chefs

Non-toxic Material | Stainless Steel 

Product Range | bread makers, blenders

Price Range |$299.95

Breville’s non-toxic slow cooker comes with dual sensors for precise temperature and pressure control. You can choose from 11 pressure cook settings and slow cook options, from high to low.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about cleanup. It has a removable, dishwasher-safe lid and a ceramic-coated cooking bowl, making cleaning easy. The Fast Slow Pro also offers a countdown timer and a triple-safe lid.

Customer Review:

“High-quality build throughout, intuitive menu navigation, chef-level options, and very easy to clean. One appliance with a multitude of meal possibilities. Fast or slow, Breville is the way to go!”- Chef Wheelyam

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13. Calphalon

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker for Elevated Everyday Cooking:

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless steel

Product Range | Espresso machine, air fryer

Price Range Price | $129.99

The non-toxic slow cooker from Calphalon allows you to sear, sauté, and slow cook to maximize food flavors. The cooking pot is oven safe and compatible with electric, gas, and induction cooktops.

The ceramic cooking surface offers exceptional heat distribution, ensuring uniform cooking and enhanced durability without compromising your health. Its stainless steel construction is a healthy materials that doesn’t release chemicals in food. With features like digital programmable controls, fast food release, and easy cleanup, this non-toxic slow cooker will become a kitchen essential. 

Customer Review:

“So far, I really like it. I like that I can use the pot on my stovetop. It’s smaller than my previous one, which is good for just the two of us.”- Paula in KY

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14. Elite Gourmet

Best Affordable Non-Toxic Slow Cooker

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless steel, Ceramic

Product Range | Blenders, juicers, and air fryers

Price | $24.99

This compact non-toxic slow cooker combines style and functionality, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen. Pour your favorite ingredients into the stoneware pot before your day begins, and return home to a fresh, warm, and welcoming meal. The 2-quart removable oval inner ceramic pot caters to your small-batch cooking needs.

This slow cooker is made from stainless steel, a non-reactive material that doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your food, even when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods.

Customer Review:

“Small, but just big enough for a 5-pound roast, which is just what I needed.” – John

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15. Better Chef

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cooker Time-Efficiency

Non-toxic Material | Stainless Steel 

Product Range | Small appliances and cookware

Price | $25.99

The Better Chef Oval Slow Cooker is made from stainless steel and offers 3-temperature settings, so you can prepare flavorful dishes effortlessly. The glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your cooking.

The easy-to-use touch control method makes cooking seamless, and the dishwasher-safe feature simplifies cleanup. This stainless steel is also durable, easy to clean, and resistant to staining.

Customer Review:

“I use this to keep food warm when we have guests over. Works great and keeps the food hot on the warm setting.” – Tracy

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