Non-Toxic Silverware Sets

10 Non-Toxic Silverware And Flatware Sets You’ll Love in 2024

The cutlery we use daily, whether for our routine meals or special occasions, should not only be functional and stylish but also safe for us and the environment.

We have carefully curated a list of 10 best non toxic silverware sets that blend elegance with eco-consciousness. These sets not only elevate your dining experience but also offer peace of mind, knowing that they are free from harmful substances.

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Toxic Chemicals Found in Cutlery (2024)

On February 2023, the EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog group in Quezon City, expressed concern about the presence of bromine in black plastic cutlery and kitchen utensils sold in Metro Manila. Bromine is a component of brominated flame retardants (BFRs), which are linked to adverse health effects like hormone disruption.

Exposure to BFRs can lead to obesity, cancers, cardiovascular, reproductive, and neurological disorders. The EcoWaste Coalition conducted test buys in Caloocan, Manila, and Quezon Cities, collecting 45 assorted cutlery and kitchen utensils. An X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer detected bromine in these items, along with antimony and lead.

The group has previously found high levels of bromine in children’s toys and other consumer products, indicating the widespread issue of BFRs in everyday items. They assert that toxic flame retardant chemicals should not be in consumer and household products due to their hazardous nature and harmful effects on human health and the environment.

10 Non-Toxic Silverware And Flatware

Non-Toxic Silverware Sets

Best Stylish Non-Toxic Silverware 

1. Parachute – Velo Flatware Set

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 5 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher safe

Price | $60

  • The Velo Flatware Set  combines everyday practicality with a touch of luxury. Its streamlined profile, rounded tip, and brushed finish make it a striking addition to both casual and formal meals.
  • The 5-piece set includes a teaspoon, dessert spoon, salad fork, table fork, and table knife.
  • Crafted from heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel with a brushed finish, each piece is designed with a rounded tip and tapered handle for comfortable gripping. This limited edition flatware set adds a modern touch to your table setting.

Customer Review | This was a Christmas gift to my daughter and her husband. They were thrilled and absolutely loved all six place” Alex

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Best Non-Toxic Polished Silverware

2. Fable – Flatware Set

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 20 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher safe

Price | $285

  • Crafted in the Porto region of Portugal by the Herdmar family, this 20-piece cutlery set is a testament to quality, precision and durability.
  • Made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, this set serves four with four each of dinner forks, salad forks, large spoons, small spoons, and knives. Its 3.5mm thickness ensures durability and easy care, and it’s dishwasher safe for your convenience.
  • Designed in Vancouver and crafted in Portugal, this cutlery set is not only stylish but also non-toxic, ensuring your safety and peace of mind during every meal. 

Customer Review | “Fantastic quality finish. Heavy weight except for the teaspoon is flimsy compared to the other pieces. All in all happy with the purchase.” Bradford

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Best Non-Toxic Silverware for Matte Finish

3. MUTNITT – Matte Black Silverware Set

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel – BPA free

Set | 30 pieces

Wash in | Hand Wash Recommended

Price | $31.99

  • This matt black silverware set includes 30 pieces to accommodate 6 individuals, comprising dinner forks, dinner spoons, dinner knives, salad/dessert forks, and dessert/tea spoons. It’s ideal for both daily use and special occasions.
  • Crafted from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, this flatware set is not only durable but also rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and free from toxins and BPA.
  • The set’s unique matte black appearance adds a touch of vintage sophistication to your dining experience. Its smooth surface and fine craftsmanship create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Plus, it’s easy to maintain with no fading or cracking. Available in 6 colors.

Customer Review | A nice, sturdy light weight set of cutlery. Great for everyday use. They’re still beautiful and shiny after the dishwasher. Gets the job done—GREAT value for the price.” Dom

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Best Non-Toxic Silverware With Wood

4. Gohobi Eco – Wooden Handle Cutlery

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel and Teak Wood

Set | 5 pieces

Wash in | Hand wash only

Price | $63.17

  • Gohobi’s Wooden Handle Cutlery set is a stunning addition to any kitchen, featuring a rugged stonewashed finish stainless steel paired with luxury Teak wood handles. Its vintage-inspired design makes a statement and adds an elegant touch to your dining experience.
  • This set includes five pieces: a spoon, fork, knife, teaspoon, and fruit fork. 
  • Gohobi is committed to sustainability by aiming to ship orders in reused or recycled packaging whenever possible. 

Customer Review | Beautiful cutlery thank you” Claire

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Best Compostable Non-Toxic Silverware

5. Eco Roots – Reusable Bamboo Cutlery 

Non-toxic materials | Bamboo 

Set | 5 pieces 

Wash in | Hand wash only

Price | $14.95

  • This Bamboo Cutlery Set is a perfect zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. It includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and a bamboo straw, making it an excellent choice for camping, lunch breaks, or when you’re on the go.
  • Crafted from bamboo, these utensils are not only reusable and lightweight but also naturally antibacterial and biodegradable. They are designed to be travel-friendly and come in plastic-free packaging.
  • By making the switch to these reusable utensils, you’ll contribute to reducing plastic waste in landfills and oceans. And when they’ve reached the end of their life, you can simply compost them.

Customer Review | The bamboo cutlery set is wonderful. It’s so convenient to keep in your car, lunchbox, etc… It comes with a nice cloth case, and includes everything you need. Everyone should keep one of these sets with them in their car so we can reduce the waste of plasticware.” Lindsay

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Best Handmade Non-Toxic Silverware 

6. Gohobi Eco – Stonewashed Stainless Steel Cutlery

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 5 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher Safe

Price | $25.37

  • The Gohobi Stonewashed Cutlery is a handcrafted set made from high-quality stainless steel. Its stonewashed finish adds a touch of vintage-inspired sophistication.
  • This set includes five pieces: a spoon, fork, knife, teaspoon, and fruit fork.
  • This cutlery set is dishwasher safe. To preserve its longevity, it’s recommended to rinse the cutlery after use, avoid air drying (especially for knives), and use stainless steel polish for stubborn stains. 

Customer Review | Lovely set of cutlery had many compliments about them, great quality too” Emma

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Best Non-Toxic Silverware for Everyday Use

7. Mikasa – Flatware Set with Serving Utensil Set

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 65 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher Safe

Price | $124.59

  • Whether your table setting is modern or traditional, this flatware complements both. It effortlessly pairs with various stemware and dinnerware styles.
  • With 12 each of dinner forks, salad forks, dinner knives, dinner spoons, and teaspoons, plus additional serving pieces like a tablespoon, pierced tablespoon, cold meat fork, sugar spoon, and butter knife, this set ensures you’re well-equipped for any dining scenario. 
  • Crafted from superior quality 18/10 stainless steel, it promises long-lasting beauty and is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Customer Review | “ The silverware is strong and sturdy. I love the sleek design. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality when I opened and washed them. Nicks do show up on them, but it takes a hard hit to get one.” Trish

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Best Non-Toxic Silverware for Camping

8. Boao – Bamboo Set

Non-toxic materials | Bamboo

Set | 4×4 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher safe

Price | $13.99

  • This package includes 4 sets of camping utensils wrapped in different cloth bags, each containing a fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw, brush, and cloth storage bag. The adjustable rope on the fabric makes them easy to carry in your backpack without taking up much space.
  • Crafted from high-quality bamboo, these camping kits are non-toxic, tasteless, durable, and reusable. Hand-smoothed and polished, they are heat-resistant, and stain-resistant.
  • These bamboo utensil sets are perfect for picnics, barbecues, cottages, school and office lunches, camping, parties, or everyday meals. 

Customer Review | These are a vehicle glove box must! No more disposable utensils for us! I’ve been giving them as gifts as well. The storage bags are so cute and keep everything tidy and clean. They wash up beautifully (I always wash them before gifting them so they’re ready to be used). Highly recommend.” Mic

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Best Luxurious Non-Toxic Silverware

9. West Elm – Gaze Satin Flatware Sets

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 20 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended to keep the unique finish looking its best.

Price | $200

  • The West Elm set of 20 utensils includes 4 of each type: dinner knives, dinner forks, salad forks, dinner spoons, and teaspoons. It is crafted from 18/0 stainless steel in a satin finish.
  • The flatware has modern and stylish style and adds a touch of sophistication to your table setting.
  • Designed with a comfortable and contemporary handle, this flatware set not only looks great but also feels pleasant to hold.

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Best Non-Toxic Knives Set

10. Oster – Lindbergh Cutlery Set

Non-toxic materials | Stainless Steel

Set | 14 pieces

Wash in | Dishwasher-Safe

Price | $29.54

  • These Oster knives feature superior fine and serrated edges for smooth cutting and slicing.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel blades that are stain and rust resistant, these knives are designed for everyday durability. They maintain a sharp edge, allowing you to efficiently slice fruits, dice vegetables, mince herbs, and chop meat or poultry.
  • The Lindbergh Cutlery Set includes a solid pine wood block, providing a space-saving and convenient storage solution for your knives. With soft, comfortable handles ensuring a safe grip, these Oster knives make culinary tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Customer Review | I bought this knife set to match with my red pot set and kitchen utensils. I looks stylish and cute. Reallys adds a touch of style to your kitchen counter top. Must buy…” Tav

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