12 Non-Toxic Glassware Sets for Any Gathering (2024)

We’ve put together a collection of 12 Non-Toxic Glassware pieces, all made with the safest food-grade materials.

These glassware items combine style and practicality to add a touch of everyday elegance to your life. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, our glassware ensures both safety and sophistication, enhancing your moments of relaxation and celebration

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What Are the Safest Types of Glassware?

Borosilicate and soda lime glass are the safest food-grade materials for non-toxic glassware

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is made from silicon dioxide and boron trioxide, and small concentrations of sodium oxide and aluminum oxide.

This material is durable and is highly sought-after for BPA-free glassware. It does not expand much when exposed to heat, making it less likely to crack. It is quite tough, and it takes a lot of force to make it break or shatter.

Borosilicate glass is also acid-resistant, which is great for certain beverages and ingredients. It is often used in insulated containers to maintain the temperature of the contents.

This highly efficient material is used to make premium quality glassware. Because of its top-notch qualities, it is typically more expensive but well worth the investment.

Soda Lime Glass

Soda lime glass is composed of silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, and calcium. It is the most common material used to make glassware as it is very affordable.

It is chemically stable and can be tempered to increase its ability to resist thermal shock. With a 6- on the Mohs hardness scale, it is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches. It is also recyclable and sustainable.

If you’re looking for sustainable, inexpensive glassware with a high visual appeal, soda lime glass products are fantastic options. 

Which Materials To Avoid for Glassware?

Lead Crystal: Traditional lead crystal glassware contains lead oxide, which can leach into your beverages over time, posing a health risk. Avoid using lead crystal for storing or serving drinks.

Colored or Decorated Glass: Some colored or decorated glassware may contain heavy metals or toxic paints. Look for glassware with safe, food-grade colorings and decorations.

Recycled Glass with Unknown Origins: Glass made from recycled materials can be a sustainable choice, but it’s crucial to know the source. Recycled glassware may contain impurities or contaminants from its previous use, so always opt for products with transparent sourcing information.

Plastic or Acrylic Glassware: While not glass, plastic or acrylic drinkware can release harmful chemicals when exposed to heat or sunlight. Avoid using them for hot beverages or long-term storage of liquids.

Frosted or Etched Glass: Glassware with frosted or etched designs may have coatings or treatments that can wear off over time, potentially contaminating your drinks. Ensure that any decorative treatments are food-safe.

Glassware with Unapproved Labeling: Be cautious of glassware that lacks proper labeling or certification indicating it is safe for food and beverages. Look for items that comply with recognized safety standards.

Old or Antique Glassware: Antique glassware can be beautiful but may contain lead or other harmful materials in the glass or decorative elements. Use antique glassware for decorative purposes only, not for serving food or drinks.

Best Non-Toxic glasses for daily use

1. Uncommon Goods – Mexican Swirl Glasses

Non-toxic material | Recycled glass

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $58 for a set of four glasses

The Uncommon Goods Mexican Swirl glasses quartet is the definition of “one-of-a-kind.” Recycled glass is mouth-blown by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, to create these stunning pieces. No two glasses are the same, so you will surely have a completely unique set! 

Each glass has a 13-ounce capacity and is safe for use in the dishwasher. While undoubtedly providing a visual delight, these glasses are also entirely safe. It is the perfect drinkware set for serving guests, and what better way to elevate your daily-use glasses for juice and water!

Customer Review |  “These glasses feel so festive! They are beautifully designed and a perfect size!” – 


Best Non-Toxic glassware for aesthetic serving

2. Uncommon Goods – Stackable Wine Glasses 

Non-toxic materials | Tempered glass

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $40

If you’re looking for non-toxic glassware that combines functionality, style, and convenience, this set of six wine glasses from Uncommon Goods is an excellent deal. Compact and sleek, the glasses are made from tempered glass and are available in 8-oz and 9.5-oz capacities. They can be easily stacked for convenient storage when not in use, though you’ll probably put them to work as often as possible, given how lovely they are. 

Be it wine, cocktails, aesthetic mocktails, or individual dessert servings, these provide a visual treat and are perfect for all occasions. 

Customer reviews | “I can stack 3 of these so that all 6 only take the space of 2 glasses. I am very happy with the quality, shape, feel, and thickness of the glass. It is thick enough to be durable but not so thick that it is heavy or uncomfortable to hold or drink out of. ” – Stella


Best Non-Toxic colorful glassware

3. Uncommon Goods – Wine Bottle Shorty Glasses

Non-toxic materials | Recycled wine bottles

Safe in | Microwave, dishwasher

Price | $34

The Uncommon Goods Wine Bottle Shorty Glasses are made from recycled wine bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Sourced from restaurants and bars in Colorado, the bottles are hand-cut and fire-polished to create smooth, sleek 12-oz glasses with stunning hues. 

Whether it’s a glass of water, juice, or a cocktail, sipping out of these glasses is a delightful experience.

Customer review | I love things that are different and unique. These are both, not to mention what a brilliant idea to upcycle discarded bottles. My husband and I love these.” – Margit


Best Non-Toxic glassware for parties

4. Sentvent – Drinking Glasses with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straws

Non-toxic materials | BPA-free glassware

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $23.99 for six pieces

Whether hosting a chill brunch or celebrating a special event, it’s always nice to have a set of glasses with lids and straws to avoid a mess. This set of six drinking glasses includes straws, bamboo lids, and two cleaning brushes. 

The non-toxic glassware is shaped like cans, with a 16-ounce capacity. The smooth contours make every drink look stunning in these glasses, whether it’s a cocktail, a coffee, or even just water!

Customer reviews | I love how it looks! The straws are glass so there’s zero plastic! They’re super durable and easy to clean too. The perfect iced latte cup.” – Isabel Reyes


Best Non-Toxic whiskey tumblers

5. Newly – Tavola Whiskey Tumbler

Non-toxic materials | Recycled glass

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $64

Tavola whiskey tumblers are designed for playful punches and single-barrel liquor, with a sleek design that looks and feels sturdy and balanced. The light seafoam hue adds a stunning touch to the tumblers, which are made from recycled glass to prioritize the health of the environment and you. 

Though perfect for special occasions, these are also great for daily use, as you can serve all kinds of spirits and drinks in them beyond just whiskey.


Best Non-Toxic outdoor Wine Glass

6. Pointer Non-Spill Outdoor Wine Glasses

Non-toxic material | Stainless steel, Bohemia crystal

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $99

Looking for non-toxic glassware to make the most of the wonderful weather as you sip on a delicious drink and soak in the sun outdoors? These non-spill Pointer wine glasses have got you covered. Handmade in Romania, this cadmium-free glassware is stunning and super functional. 

With stainless steel stems designed after tent pegs, you can stick your glass into the ground and forget about spilling anything. Say goodbye to making a mess outdoors. 

These glasses have an 11.8-oz capacity to hold your favorite drinks. The sturdy glass and stainless steel are non-toxic, safe, and super long-lasting.

Customer review | “I’ve experienced this fantastic product drinking wine outside in the summer and I can really say that is BRILLIANT. The possibility to drink from glass in a park, or in the garden but also in the beach is something amazing. Great job and the material quality is very high level!” – Teo


Best Non-Toxic handmade Glass

7. Newly – Collins Glasses

Non-toxic materials | Handmade glass

Safe in | Dishwasher (top rack)

Price | $68 for a set of six

If you love making decorative drinks with a visual appeal, these Newly Collins Glasses are for you. This cadmium-free glassware set has a luxurious aesthetic and is highly durable. 

You can use it as your everyday drinking glass or save it for cocktail parties. With an 11-oz capacity and a stunning seafoam hue, these glasses are perfect for elevating your drinks to another level.

Customer review | “I was so excited when I received my glasses in the mail. They make every drink feel so fun and fancy! Highly recommend.” – Kait


Best Non-Toxic simple glasses

8. Public Goods – Stemless Wine Glasses

Non-toxic material | Handblown glass

Safe in | Dishwasher (top rack)

Price | $15.95 for a set of four

Public Goods Stemless Wine Glasses offer timeless simplicity, elegance, and a larger-than-average 18-oz capacity. They are hand-blown into a mesmerizing design that looks unassuming but is quite luxurious. 

This non-toxic glassware set is the epitome of sleek stylishness—you can serve fabulous cocktails in them.

Customer review |These were a pleasant surprise! They are a good weight and size, sturdy but not too thick.” – Peggy S


Best BPA-Free glassware

9. Public Goods – Rocks Glasses

Non-toxic materials | Borosilicate glass

Safe in | Microwave, dishwasher, oven

Price | $14.95 for a set of 4

This set of four rocks glasses by Public Goods is the perfect BPA-free glassware for your collection. The glasses are highly durable and made from borosilicate glass used in labs. You can use them for cold and hot beverages without worry. Additionally, they are microwave and oven-safe. 

The sleek, elegant 12-oz glasses are perfect for cocktails, mocktails, or even a refreshing glass of infused water. There’s really no occasion where you won’t reach for these glasses!

Customer reviews | “This is the perfect size to keep on my desk while working. I love the weight: it is light and solid at the same time. Great feel.” – Francoise D.


Best Non-Toxic minimalist decanter

10. Newly – Spanish Wine Vaso/Decanter

Non-toxic materials | Recycled glass

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $44

The Newly Spanish Wine Vaso/Decanter is the perfect example of minimalist design that blends multi-functionality, style, and purpose. It is a gorgeous, sleek decanter with the perfect pour, and you can also use it as a vase and put your favorite blooms in it! 

Made from recycled glass, the mouth-blown decanter is handcrafted by artisans in small batches. It stands at nine inches tall—the perfect BPA-free glassware for your collection. 


Best Non-Toxic quirky glasses

11. Uncommon Goods Sloping Ski Glasses

Non-toxic materials | Cadmium-free glassware

Safe in | Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Price | $58 for a set of four

Safe glassware doesn’t have to be boring, and the Uncommon Goods Sloping Ski Glasses are proof of that. The fun, quirky design is the perfect conversation starter and makes for a wonderful gift.

With a 12.3 oz capacity, these are the perfect non-toxic glassware to put a smile on your face as you sip your drink.

Customer review | “These were the perfect, creative and thoughtful gifts for our friends to ski home. Beautiful for display but also usable. I loved them so much that I bought the hiking version for my Husband for Christmas!” – Jill


Best Non-Toxic glass pitcher

12. Public Goods Glass Infuser Pitcher

Non-toxic materials | Borosilicate glass

Safe in | Dishwasher

Price | $31.95

This Public Goods glass infuser pitcher allows you to create a large batch of full-bodied beverages to last you through the day. It is made from stainless steel mesh, and the cylinder can hold tea leaves, ground coffee, and fruit slices of different kinds. With a 1.5L capacity, you can enjoy multiple refills of your drink. 

Made with borosilicate glass, this pitcher is sturdy, durable, and the best BPA-free glassware for hot and cold beverages.

Customer Review | “Sleek and well designed. Perfect pitcher for lemon water, ice tea or a batch of martinis.” – Eileen A.


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