17 Non-Toxic Cookware Brands Worth Investing In (2024)

At a time when health and safety are paramount, we’ve scoured the market to gather the ultimate selection of healthy non-toxic cookware brands that prioritize your well-being and culinary success.

From amateur chefs to seasoned cooks, our curated list offers a range of options that not only elevate your cooking experience but also promote a healthier lifestyle.

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What Cookware Materials Should You Avoid Using?

best non-toxic bakeware brands


In the 1960s, an innovation known as Teflon emerged, revolutionizing cooking by creating nonstick pans and eliminating the requirement for excessive cooking oils.

However, studies found that one of the chemical compounds used for decades in the production of Teflon – perfluorooctanoic acid (PFAS) – can affect fetal development, weaken the immune system, and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, kidney cancers, or testicular cancers.

Since July 4, 2020, a European regulation has prohibited the manufacture of PFOA and its use in everyday consumer goods. In the U.S.A, certain PFAS are still authorized by the FDA for limited use in cookware, food packaging, and food processing equipment. It’s therefore safer to avoid using Teflon as cookware.


Nearly unalterable, excellent heat conductor, and recyclable, aluminum was prevalent in kitchens until the 1970s. Since then, it’s been discovered that aluminum migrates into food, especially in contact with acidic foods (like tomato sauce). 

Today, studies are clear: in high doses, aluminum is harmful to the body, accumulating and acting as a neurotoxic substance. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry states that aluminum could be responsible for certain neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases, psoriasis, liver and kidney issues, brittle bones, and even Alzheimer’s disease (brains affected by Alzheimer’s were found to contain 10 to 30 times more aluminum than healthy brains). 


Copper is a fantastic conductor of heat, working really well for all kinds of cooking. It’s naturally good at fighting off bacteria, which helps keep kitchens clean. Many top chefs love using it for these reasons.

But, there’s a catch. When copper is exposed to air, it turns green. To avoid this, copper pots get coated with a layer of gray and shiny tin. Unfortunately, tin needs to be redone every few years. Those old copper pots you might find in flea markets are better for decoration than cooking. 

Expensive copper cookware often has a tough stainless steel lining to solve these problems, but it can be costly. When it comes to the environment, copper is great for recycling, but the way we get it from the earth can be really harmful, especially in places like Chile, where huge copper mines damage the environment and communities with pollution.

What Cookware Materials Are The Safest To Use?

Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is great for many reasons. It keeps heat well and cooks evenly, making it perfect for all sorts of cooking. You can use it on the stove and in the oven. It’s tough and lasts a long time if you take care of it.

Furthermore, a seasoned cast iron skillet naturally develops a nonstick surface over time, reducing the need for excessive fats and oils during cooking and facilitating easy cleanup.

While cast iron cookware involves a modest initial investment, its long-term value is undeniable due to its extended lifespan. It’s important to consider factors like weight and maintenance, as cast iron is notably heavy and requires special care, including seasoning and proper drying to prevent rust.

Pros and cons of cast iron

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is prized for its durability and resistance to staining and corrosion. It heats evenly and is suitable for browning, searing, and deglazing. Its sleek appearance and compatibility with induction cooktops make it a popular choice.

Pros and cons of stainless steel


Ceramic cookware offers a nonstick cooking surface without the need for harmful chemicals. It’s great for even heat distribution and is typically oven-safe. Its attractive designs and ability to go from stovetop to oven add to its appeal.

Pros and cons of ceramic cookware

17 Healthy Non-Toxic Cookware Brands for Toxins-Free Dishes

1. Tramontina

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for One-Pan Family Favorites

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless Steel 

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, storage, cutlery

Price Range | from $149.95 for a 8 pieces set

Tramontina is a Brazilian company established in the USA in 1986. Tramontina cookware are made from stainless steel to insure safe cooking. The tri-ply, impact-bonded base ensures consistent heat distribution and it works with all range types, including induction cooktops. Cookware vessels and stainless-steel lids are oven-safe up to up to 500°F/ 260°C.

Customer Review | “The Tramontina Gourmet Prima 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Lids, Stainless Steel is a great product . Love the weight and quality of this pan. Cleans easily. Feels nice and sturdy. This is my first stainless steel pan. It holds the heat very well. The handles do not get at all hot on the stove top . it works great in electric stove . The Cookware set was a great purchase in my opinion!” – Sam

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Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Ethnic Cuisine

Non-toxic Materials | Hand-glazed stoneware

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, serveware

Price Range | $22 – $79

Prepare hearty family meals effortlessly, with Cartage’s lead-free and food-safe stoneware baking dishes. Hand-glazed in vibrant and neutral shades (6 different colors) in Tunis, Tunisia, these artisanal pieces effortlessly complements your dining decor.

Take caution with temperature changes, as this natural healthy cookware is prone to thermal shock. For cleaning, it’s dishwasher safe, or gently hand wash with a soft sponge. Avoid steel scrubbers and metal utensils.

Customer Review | “I love this baking dish. It works great and is beautiful.” – Chelsea

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Non-Toxic Dinnerware
Non-Toxic Dinnerware

3. Blue Diamond

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Stir-Frying

Non-toxic Materials | Toxin-free ceramic

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, and kitchen essentials

Price Range | from $99 for a 12 pieces set

This non-toxic cookware brand features durable coating and a non-toxic build free from PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. Blue Diamond cookware are oven and dishwasher safe and suitable for gas, electric, halogen and ceramic stove tops. Their popular 12-Piece Toxin-Free Cookware Set includes 7″ and 9″ frying pans, covered saucepan, skillet, stockpot, mini egg pan, metal steamer, and utensils, all safe for metal utensils.

Customer Review | “I really love these pans! I ended up buying a few additional pieces to complete my set. They are great quality, sturdy but not too heavy. Food cooks evenly and weve had no issue with sticking, although we do use a squirt of cooking spray just in case. Highly recommend!” -Amber

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4. Xtrema

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Quick Weeknight Meals

Non-toxic Materials | 100% pure ceramic

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, teaware, and kitchen essentials

Price Range | $86 – $426

Xtrema is a family-owned company that crafts all of its products by hand. All products are made of 100% pure ceramic, which provides a safe and smooth cooking surface. So, you can expect only the best cookware without toxin. Conventional non-stick coatings are proven to contain toxic chemicals released at high temperatures. When made with pure ceramic, the cookware has natural thermal properties so that heat is retained. 

Customer Review | “I’ve had the 2017 cookware set edition and using it still today. It never disappoints. The quality of Xtrema’s products is superior and you can’t go wrong with their customer service.” -Andrea M.

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5. Great Jones

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Elegant Dinner Party Dishes

Non-toxic Materials | Cast iron, stainless steel, non-stick ceramic, no Teflon

Product Range | Cookware, cookware, Dutch ovens, pans, and sets

Price Range | $85 – $495

What happens when women who love to cook get together to brainstorm cookware ideas? They create healthy non-toxic cookware products to empower home cooks around the globe. Great Jones is a New York-based small business that produces cast iron and stainless steel cookware and bakeware, Dutch ovens, and pots and pans for all types of cooks. The brand is named after cookbook author Judith Jones, who has ties to the great Julia Child. For people thinking cookware is boring, Great Jones has them in various dynamic colors. 

Customer Review | “I fell in love with her the moment I took her out of the box. She’s as useful as she is beautiful. She gets it done—even heat throughout and so easy to clean.” -Teresa P.

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6. Kana

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Homestyle Casseroles and Bakes

Non-toxic Materials | 40% recycled cast iron, tri-ply stainless steel

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, Dutch ovens, sets and bundles, and other kitchen essentials

Price Range | $105 – $337

What sets Kana apart from many of its competitors is that experienced engineers were part of the team that designed its products. This means the items are highly functional and free from toxins. Artists are also among the Kana Lifestyle team that creates beautiful cookware, bakeware, and other essentials to transform your kitchen. Among the non-toxic materials used in Kana products are tri-ply stainless steel and cast iron, which is 40% recycled. The brand only offers healthy non-toxic cookware that is healthy, functional, non-toxic, and dishwasher friendly. Products are available in 11 colors. 

Customer Review | “I purchased my Milo by Kana Dutch Over after thoroughly researching Dutch ovens. It is the best investment I have ever made kitchen-wise! Worth every penny! LOVE, LOVE it!” -Jennie

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7. Finex 

Non-Toxic Cookware for Oven Cooking

Non-toxic Materials | Cast iron, flaxseed oil pre-seasoning, stone-tumble polishing

Product Range | Dutch ovens, skillets, pots, and pans

Price Range | $100 – $350

Finex is an American cookware company based in Portland, Oregon. It makes all its cooking products and non-toxic cookware by hand. Around six people pour in 12 hours of work each day to create just one cast iron product: a skillet, grill pan, griddle, or Dutch oven. The process includes smoothing the cooking surface, pre-seasoning it with flaxseed oil, and then finishing with stone-tumble polishing. All raw materials are sourced in North America. 

Customer Review | “This pan is a piece of art. Reminiscent of the old-time Griswold pans… This pan is very durable and will be a family heirloom. It is heavy though! But that’s cast iron!” -Anthony K.

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8. Our Place

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Perfect Breakfast Delights

Non-toxic Materials | Ceramic, PFA-free, lead-free

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and bundles

Price Range | $145 – $585

When you buy an Our Place product, you aren’t just getting healthy cookware free from dangerous chemicals; you are also helping your community. At the peak of the pandemic, the brand helped cook over 200,000 meals for those heavily affected. It has also collaborated with Selena Gomez to donate 10% of the brand’s profits to the Rare Impact Fund. Products have a non-stick ceramic coating for maximum durability. They are PFAS-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free. Many of the brand’s products have patented designs, available in at least six colors to keep your kitchen looking vibrant. 

Customer Review | “I use this pot almost every day. It was the perfect birthday gift to myself. And it looks SO CUTE on my stove.” -Angela V.

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9. Amazqi

Best Affordable Non-Toxic Cookware

Non-toxic Materials | Carbon steel, non-toxic non-stick coating, PFOA- and PFOS free

Product Range | Baking sheets and cookie scoops

Price Range | $14 – $26

Amazqi is a home lifestyle brand that sells various products, including some of the best non-toxic cookware available today. Its line of premium safe non-stick baking sheets is highly durable and made from heavy-duty, non-toxic carbon steel. The items are rust-free, resistant to high temperatures, and dishwasher-safe. They don’t warp even in extremely high temperatures, and no matter what heavy protein you cook: a whole chicken, turkey, or any other large slab of meat. Baking sheets are available in four sizes, and you can get them in sets. 

Customer Review | “I love this so much. They don’t warp in the oven. They are non-stick. They clean easily. The large one, in my opinion, could have been a bit larger for my needs… I use it a lot. Would recommend it.” -S. Morris

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10. Caraway

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Sunday Roasts

Non-toxic Materials | Smooth ceramic, no Teflon

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, kettles, and bundles

Price Range | $90 – $790

Whether you are a new cook or an expert, you deserve to have gorgeous cookware and bakeware sets that are durable and safe. Caraway is named after a biennial flower that bears oblong-shaped seeds. That shape also inspired the ergonomic Caraway pots, pans, and cookware. They are not just designed for cooking but also for storing and easy cleaning. Caraway has partnered with manufacturers credited by the Business Social Compliance Initiative and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit to ensure workers are paid fairly. So when you buy Caraway non-toxic cookware, you support this initiative!

Customer Review | “Fabulously sophisticated colors and ceramic coating mean they’re gorgeous and simple to clean.” -The Oprah Magazine

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11. Lodge

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Wholesome Soups and Stews

Non-toxic Materials | Enameled cast iron, carbon steel, PFOA- and PTFE-free

Product Range | Dutch ovens, skillets 

Price Range | $9 – $300

Lodge has been making cast iron cookware since 1896—such longevity and sustained popularity is proof that millions have been satisfied with the brand’s products. It has two foundries in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, that create healthy non-toxic cookware. The brand just keeps getting better and is currently designing more environmentally friendly pieces. It has a wide range of skillets and Dutch ovens that are very affordable. You can buy a small but quality skillet for less than $10. 

Customer Review | “If people draw a skillet, most of the time it’s a Lodge skillet. USA Enamel had to be equally timeless. We wanted it to feel luxurious, like the crown jewel on your stove.” -Kelly P.

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12. Made In

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Splurge

Non-toxic Materials | Carbon steel, stainless steel

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, Dutch ovens, bundles, and other kitchen essentials

Price Range | $115 – $1,437

Made In is not even a decade old, but its roots go back a hundred years. Jake and Chip founded Made In because of their family’s love for cooking. The brand designs high-quality bakeware and healthy non-toxic cookware. Its first line was stainless-clad cookware that reaped awards and quickly made the brand a go-to for many cooks. The brand currently has a couple of hundred cookware and bakeware products for sale, all of which come with a lifetime warranty. 

Customer Review | “The Made In pans are well-made, heavy-duty, conduct heat, and are a joy to cook with.” -Nancy Silverton

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13. LeGourmet

Best Non-Toxic Cookware For Baking Enthusiasts

Non-toxic Materials | Alloy steel, ceramic coating, no Teflon

Product Range | Baking dish

Price Range | $28 – $40

LeGourmet is a woman-owned business making oven-safe, leak-resistant, freezer-safe, rust-resistant, and non-stick bakeware. The baking pans are made of alloy steel with a PFTE-, PFOA-, and PFAS-free non-stick coating. LeGourmet has a line of healthy non-toxic bakeware that is aesthetically pleasing to boot. The products come in delicate butter and cyan colors. They are easy to clean and guaranteed not to warp at high temperatures. 

Customer Review | “Just picking this pan up impressed me as it has a nice feel and looks to last for years to come. I like the option to bake 12 cupcakes/muffins at a time. This will be a valued part of the kitchen.” -Michael

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14. Emile Henry

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Culinary Creations

Non-toxic Materials | French burgundy clay

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, Dutch ovens, and other cooking essentials

Price Range | $75 – $325

Just one look at the Emile Henry products, and you know they are high-quality. Better yet—the prices don’t reflect it! Its line of healthy non-toxic cookware is very affordable. They are made from unique French burgundy clay, the same material used when the family started teaching cooking students how to make bread and stew in the 1850s. The brand has continued to create products that deftly balance top-notch aesthetics and function. You can choose from classic and different-colored Dutch ovens, pizza dishes, bread boxes, and cloches. 

Customer Review | “Just perfect! Light enough to handle, beautiful, and performs well. Size is perfect for a variety of dishes. Would buy again.” -Alene C.

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15. 360 Cookware

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Home Chefs

Non-toxic Materials | Stainless steel, no Teflon

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, cooking accessories, and bundles

Price Range | $50 – $669

360 Cookware introduces Vapor Technology, which creates fast, even heat for healthy recipes. The lids of 360 Cookware products create a Vapor Seal so heat distribution remains consistent. The brand achieves this without common cookware coatings, such as PFAS, PFOS, PFOA, and PTFE, which are toxic chemicals. The brand also prides itself on being eco-friendly: these healthy non-toxic bakeware and cookware are built to last forever, which is why they come with a lifetime warranty. 

Customer Review |Great product. Very well made with stainless steel that does not leach out. That’s one of the most important criteria when choosing cookware/bakeware for me and my family. Thank you.” -Tania P.

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16. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Inspired Mediterranean Cuisine

Non-toxic Materials | All-natural clay

Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, other cooking essentials, and sets

Price Range | $89 – $272

Cookware made with clay has been in use for thousands of years. And Miriam’s Earthen Cookware has updated traditional clay cooking products to ensure a healthy and toxin-free kitchen. At an early age, founder Miriam learned that many modern cookware and bakeware are made with toxic materials. And she realized that the best way to create the best safe cookware is to go back to basics: clay. The brand’s line of cookware and bakeware are all made of 100% primary clay with no chemicals or additives. 

Customer Review | “Although I know all-natural clay is inert and non-toxic, I did the test to check for toxicity anyway–it passed by 200%. I am so happy to finally cook with non-toxic cookware! You can’t imagine how much that means to me and my family. The food tastes exceptional.” -Al K.

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17. Happiels

Best Non-Toxic Cookware for Dessert Making

Non-toxic Materials | High-carbon steel, double silicone coating, Teflon-free, lead-free

Product Range | Baking sheets, cake and muffin pans, springform pans, bundles

Price Range | $35 – $170

New and seasoned bakers will be happy to have Happiels’ non-toxic cookware in their kitchens. The female-owned brand believes the right baking pans will allow anyone to whip up the best recipe to feed their family and friends. Each product is made with carbon steel, ensuring durability for many years. Happiels products are non-stick but don’t contain Teflon, which has been found to release toxic chemicals at extremely high heat. All items are also BPA-, PTFE-, and PFOA-free. 

Customer Review | “I have been using these pans for about a month now and not only do they perform well with baking but the clean up is so easy. Just what I was looking for.” -Janice J.

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