Eco Thrift: The Sustainable Thrift Stores Making a Difference in California

Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique, stylish clothing and home goods while also supporting environmental sustainability.

Based in California, Eco Thrift is a chain of thrift stores that is dedicated to sustainability. From the way they source their products to the charitable organizations they support, Eco Thrift is all about making a positive impact on the environment and the community. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Eco Thrift and why it’s worth a visit the next time you’re in California.

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What Is Eco Thrift?

Eco Thrift is a thrift store chain based in California that was founded in 1982 by Greg Ellison. The company is the largest-volume for-profit thrift store in the state of California. 

Eco Thrift is committed to environmental sustainability, and as such, sells gently used or secondhand items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, housewares, furniture, toys, and tools.

Eco Thrift operates six locations across California and employs more than 500 people. 

The company is dedicated to supporting the local community, and as such, only trades merchandise that has been acquired within a 30-mile radius of each store. This ensures that each Eco Thrift location is able to support the community while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Each week, Eco Thrift stores add over 25,000 new items to their inventory. Any unsold items are marked down by 25-75% and any items that are not sold are recycled. 

In addition to its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Eco Thrift also supports several charitable organizations, including the Re:Action Foundation, the Disabled American Veterans, and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Overall, Eco Thrift is a unique and socially responsible company that is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, supporting local communities, and providing quality products to its customers.

The Values Of Eco Thrift 

The California-based thrift store values dignity, community, and the environment. 

As a business, it pays its own way and generates tax revenue for local communities, while also supporting numerous charities and recycling thousands of tons of goods. 

Eco Thrift focuses on investing in communities, creating jobs, supporting local charities, and saving energy and other valuable resources. 

How Do You Donate To Eco Thrift? 

You can drop your selected items to the following locations:

  • Hayward EcoThrift Store
  • Vallejo EcoThrift Store
  • Pomona EcoThrift Store
  • San Bernardino EcoThrift Store
  • Citrus Heights EcoThrift Store

Eco Thrift also offers the possibility to send a truck to your home for larger donations.

What Items Can You Donate To Eco Thrift? 

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Bedding
  • Drapes
  • Kitchen and Household Items
  • Small Appliances and Electronics
  • Toys
  • Holiday and Seasonal Items
  • Area Rugs
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
  • Books

What Items Does Eco Thrift Not Accept? 

  • Furniture
  • Large Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Carpeting
  • TVs
  • Computer Monitors
  • Car Parts
  • Tires
  • Car Seats
  • Cribs
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Building Materials

What Are Eco Thrift Locations?

  • Citrus Heights
  • Hayward
  • Pomona
  • Sacramento
  • San Bernardino
  • Vallejo

Why Should You Shop At a Thrift Store?

There are several reasons why shopping at a thrift store can be a good idea:

  1. Affordability: Thrift stores often have lower prices than traditional retail stores, making them a budget-friendly option for clothing, home goods, and other items.
  2. Sustainability: Shopping at thrift stores helps to reduce waste by promoting reuse and recycling. This can be a more environmentally-friendly option than buying new items, which often require resources to produce and contribute to pollution.
  3. Community support: Many thrift stores are run by non-profit organizations and use the proceeds from sales to support various charitable causes. Shopping at thrift stores can be a way to contribute to your local community and make a positive impact.
  4. Unique items: Thrift stores can be a good place to find unique, one-of-a-kind items that you might not find at a traditional retail store. This can be a fun and exciting way to add character to your home or wardrobe.
  5. Quality items: Thrift stores often have a selection of gently used, high-quality items that may not be available or affordable at traditional retail stores.

Overall, shopping at thrift stores can be a cost-effective, sustainable, and rewarding way to find a wide range of items.

What To Look For In Thrift Stores?

When shopping at thrift stores, it can be helpful to look for items that are high-quality, rare, or in demand. Here are some specific things to look for:

  1. Vintage items: Thrift stores are often a good place to find vintage clothing, furniture, and other items. Look for brands and styles that are no longer in production or that have become popular again in recent years.
  2. Designer or luxury items: Thrift stores can sometimes have designer clothing, handbags, or other items at a fraction of the original price. Look for items from well-known brands or designers.
  3. Collectibles: Thrift stores can be a good place to find rare or unique items that are of interest to collectors. Look for items such as vintage toys, comics, stamps, coins, or other collectibles.
  4. Quality items: Look for items that are in good condition and made with high-quality materials. These items are likely to have a longer lifespan and may be worth more in the long run.
  5. Popular items: Consider looking for items that are currently in high demand, such as popular brands, styles, or gadgets. These items may sell quickly and at a higher price.

It’s important to keep in mind that while thrift stores can be a good place to find bargains, it’s also important to be aware of the current market value of the items you’re considering purchasing. Researching prices online or consulting with an expert can help you determine the worth of an item.

Here Are Some General Rules to Follow When Thrifting

  1. Set a budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend before you start shopping. This can help you stay on track and avoid overspending.
  2. Shop around: Thrift stores can vary in terms of selection, quality, and prices. It can be helpful to shop at several different stores to find the best deals and the items you’re looking for.
  3. Check for damage: Carefully inspect any items you’re considering purchasing for signs of wear or damage, such as holes, stains, or broken parts. Keep in mind that thrift stores often do not offer returns or exchanges.
  4. Follow store rules: Respect the rules of the thrift store you’re shopping at, such as wearing a face mask if required, not touching items unless you plan to purchase them, and following social distancing guidelines.
  5. Be prepared to spend some time: Thrifting can take longer than traditional shopping, as you may need to sift through a large selection of items to find what you’re looking for. Be patient and take your time to find the best deals.
  6. Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Some thrift stores may be willing to negotiate prices, especially if you are purchasing multiple items. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if you think the price is too high.
  7. Know the value of items: Research the value of items you’re considering purchasing to ensure you’re getting a good deal. This can be especially important for collectibles or rare items.

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