Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets

11 Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets & Hampers Plastic-Free (2023)

Finding alternatives to plastic laundry baskets and hampers can be tricky. If you’re in search of eco-friendly and sustainable laundry solutions, you’re in the right place.

 In this article, we’ll explore 11 non-plastic, eco-friendly laundry baskets and hampers that not only provide practical storage solutions but also align with your commitment to a greener, plastic-free lifestyle. 

The sustainable laundry baskets combine functionality with environmental consciousness, offering a stylish and eco-friendly way to keep your home organized and toxin-free.

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets
Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets

1. Multi-Purpose Mesh Basket – Grove

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket In Metal

Material | Metal

Price | $19.99

Why we love it |

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: The basket is made of 100% metal for a durable and conscious choice.
  • Convenient and versatile: It features a built-in handle for easy transportation and can be used for laundry, to organize cleaning products, art supplies, sewing materials, or various other items.
  • Plastic-free design: The wire mesh cleaning caddy is entirely plastic-free, emphasizing its sturdiness, style, and commitment to sustainability.

Customer Review | “I used two of these to organize my laundry room along with a few other Grove items and it’s lovely. I only took one star away because I wish the knobs for the basket were inside the rim so they would line up more closely and I didn’t have to leave space for them to not bump or get caught on each other. Heavy duty yet light, it was the perfect place for my stain removers, water mister, baking soda, and brushes. I’m hopeful the paint is as durable as other Grove products.” Mrs

Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets
Eco-Friendly Laundry Baskets

2. Brass Grid Basket – Neat Method

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket Made In The USA

Material | Steel & Acacia 

Price | $34

Why we love it |

  • Unique and modern design: The brass wire basket has a distinctive and contemporary style.
  • Easy maintenance: It features a removable acacia insert, making it simple to clean and preventing smaller items from falling through or tipping over.
  • Made in the USA: This basket is manufactured in the United States and comes in three different sizes to suit various storage needs: Large, Medium, and Small.

Customer Review | “Well made, good quality, attractive storage basket. Especially if you have open shelving in need of organization.” Melissa


3. Bono Hamper Basket – Korissa

Best Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket

Material | Braided jute

Price | $174

Why we love it |

  • Handcrafted from braided jute: The Bono hamper is crafted by artisans in Bangladesh using thick, ethically sourced braided jute, for a textured basket with handles. 
  • Versatile and sustainable: Measuring 21″ tall x 17″ wide, this hamper serves multiple purposes, such as laundry storage, bedding, or toy organization. 
  • Socially and environmentally responsible: KORISSA, the brand behind this design, is committed to fair trade practices. They collaborate with artisans in Bangladesh and Ecuador, offering employment and education to marginalized groups. Their products feature eco-friendly materials, primarily jute, known as the ‘Gold of Bengal’ for its versatility. KORISSA ensures living wages and support for artisans while producing high-quality baskets and decor.

4. Vanilla Sugar Swirl Laundry Basket – Swahili African Modern

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket For Families

Material | Cattail stalks 

Price | $188

Why we love it |

  • Fair Trade: Handwoven by Wolof women in Senegal, these laundry hamper storage baskets represent a fair trade initiative that empowers artisans economically and showcases modern African craftsmanship.
  • Sustainable Materials: Crafted from cattail stalks and upcycled plastic, these 16″D x 26-28″T baskets exemplify a sustainable approach to traditional weaving methods, benefiting both the artisans and the environment.
  • Women-Owned: Swahili African Modern collaborates with Wolof women, providing them with a secure market for their products and helping them become primary income providers for their families and communities, promoting gender equality and regional prosperity.

Customer Review | “This is very sturdy, and perfect for holding laundry. I was worried it would be floppy but it looks just like the images online. The handles are plastic, so I worry about how durable they will be, but the basket itself should last a very long time. Very pleased with it!” Giselle

5. Cotton Rope Laundry Hamper – Youdenova

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket For Kids & Babies Room

Material | Cotton

Price | $27.99

Why we love it |

  • Sustainable Cotton: This Cotton Rope Laundry Basket is made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, offering a natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic laundry baskets.
  • Clean and Minimalist Design: Designed with a minimalist, two-tone aesthetic, this laundry sorter is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and dorm rooms. It features a freestanding base and a wide-open upper for easy use.
  • High Capacity and Durability: With a bumper 58L capacity and extra-strong dual double-stitched carry handles capable of supporting up to 44lbs, this laundry basket is perfect for family-sized loads. Its breathable design helps keep clothes dry and fresh while preventing musty smells. Additionally, it’s foldable, washable, and versatile, making it a practical addition to any home.

Customer Review | “I just love the look, size, and durability of this basket. We use it in our bathroom as our laundry hamper and it holds a lot. It does take some usage to shape it due to be folded for delivery.” J Flood

6. Handmade Woven Storage Basket – GooBloo

Best Stylish Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket 

Material | Jute

Price | $66.99

Why we love it |

  • 100% Jute: These large, multipurpose, and versatile baskets are crafted entirely from jute, a natural and sustainable material.
  • Stylish and Practical Home Decor: These handmade baskets not only serve as functional storage for items like worn clothes, blankets, cushions, or toys but also double as stylish decor items, adding warmth and texture to any room.
  • Handmade in Bangladesh: Talented women in Bangladesh have 100% handwoven these baskets using traditional techniques and natural fibers, making them sustainable and unique. They are flexible, soft, and reinforced with stitched-in handles for easy portability.

Customer Review | “I bought this basket to place my planter in and it’s great! If you’re looking for a sturdy basket with wire support, this is not it, but for placing a large plant pot in or throw blankets & pillows, it’s incredible!

7. 3-Section Divided Laundry Hamper – GUTZ

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket For Sorting Laundry

Material | Rattan

Price | $224.98

Why we love it |

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly: This wicker hamper is handwoven from eco-friendly mahogany espresso rattan.
  • Artisan-Crafted: Crafted by a community of artisans with generational skills, each hamper reflects the unique style of the weaver, adding a personal touch to your home.
  • Stylish and Functional: This hamper adds style to your rooms such as bathroom, utility area, laundry room, or bedroom. Its oversized design enhances functionality, measuring 36”L x 14”W x 25”, with each compartment holding a full washing machine load. 

Customer Review | “Three chambered hampers are very difficult to find, and was happy i found this, and it looks and works terrific! The liners can be removed and velcroed in each section. Perfect size. Material seems durable. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Highly recommend! Can’t believe I found this!

8. Hand-Woven Water Hyacinth Basket – GrasShanghai

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket With Natural Material

Material | Straw & Steel

Price | $77.16

Why we love it |

  • Natural Water Hyacinth Construction: Woven from natural water hyacinth straw, this basket serves as a versatile storage solution for clothing, towels, pillows, toys, and more.
  • Handcrafted Design: Its classy design features smooth angles, making it a perfect fit for modern or rustic homes. Each bin is handcrafted.
  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth, but it’s important to avoid placing it near radiators or other heat sources due to its natural materials. 

Customer Review | “The Baskets are beautiful & very high quality for the price -communication from betty was amazing ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !! Thank you Betty & crew” Barb


9. Laundry Basket With Handles & Brackets – DYD

Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket For Small Bash

Material | Linen & Cotton

Price | $19.99

Why we love it |

  • Premium Linen Material and Built-In Lining: Made from thick linen material, this hamper is tear-resistant. It features a well-lined interior which can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Spacious and Compact: With a 65L super-large capacity, this hamper provides ample space for family clothing or kids’ toys while taking up minimal space when not in use. It’s also convenient for travel, shopping, and picnics. It also features foldable and detachable cradles made of high-quality fiberglass, preventing annoying collapses.
  • Practical and Stylish: Dual cotton handles on each side make carrying this laundry bag up and down stairs a breeze. The well-constructed stitching and reinforced basket edge with a bracket maintains its shape. It’s a smart and stylish solution for keeping your closet and dorm space tidy.

Customer Review | “This basket is lightweight, yet, durable. The long rope handles work well to hold this basket in one hand! Love it!”

10. Laundry Basket Washable & Collapsible – Lello Living

Best Collapsible Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket 

Material | Natural cellulose fibre 

Price | $24.11

Why we love it |

  • Eco-Friendly Washable Paper Basket: This laundry basket is crafted from washable paper, a natural cellulose fiber material, featuring a riveted leather strap for easy carrying. It’s a sustainable choice that can hold multiple loads of laundry and folds flat when not in use.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: With its lightweight construction, this large storage container serves as an ideal toy basket or bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room storage. Additionally, a smaller version is available for a single washing load.
  • Customizable and Handmade: These baskets are sent flat-packed but can easily be shaped by hand. They are made from a vegan leather material that is tough and durable, with the option for customization with initials or patterns. They are handcrafted and offer a sustainable, versatile storage solution.

Customer Review | “Excellent item! I put this in my laundry basket, and then when it is time to go to the laundry mat, I grab the handles and schlep it over! Very happy with this durable and practical purchase.”

11. Jute Laundry Bins – ColorfulWorldFinds

Best Waterproof Eco-Friendly Laundry Basket 

Material | Jute

Price | $25.76

Why we love it |

  • Multi-Functional Storage Baskets: These collapsible and versatile storage baskets are designed to help declutter and organize your living space. Made from fabric, they are ideal for storing dirty clothes and various sundries.
  • Versatile and Fashionable: These baskets serve multiple purposes, including laundry hamper, toy storage, book and magazine bins, clothing organizer, waste hamper, and room decor. Their jute fabric with different printing designs adds a fashionable touch that complements any home or office interior.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from jute fabric with a PE waterproof coating, these bins are sturdy when standing. The sewn handle design ensures ease of use, allowing you to slide them in and out from shelves, dividers, closets, or offices effortlessly.

Customer Review | “the bag is so beautiful, spacious, and sturdy! highly recommended” Sheyenne

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