From Pastels to Neons: 24 Ideas for Colorful Clothing Brands (2024)

Introducing vibrant and colorful clothing brands that prioritize sustainability, making it easier for us to look stylish and feel good about our impact on the planet.

Whether you are looking for casual or formal wear, these brands have got you covered with their multicolored and eco-friendly collections. 

Get ready to be inspired!

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Top Colorful Clothing Brands
Top Colorful Clothing Brands


Best Colorful Clothing Brand For Activewear
Ethical & Sustainable: Recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, recycling program Regirlfriend, recyclable packaging, inclusive collection, and Fair Trade practices.
Price Range: $-$$

Since its creation in 2016, Girlfriend Collective has made a big impact in the fashion industry with its commitment to body positivity, size diversity (XXS to 6XL), and sustainability. 

The brand creates quality activewear pieces from recycled materials and non-toxic dyes. Their Compressive Leggings are made from 25 recycled water bottles. 

Girlfriend Collective design flatters every body type and ranges from leggings and sports bras to dresses, swimwear, or underwear.

We love that the brand offers sparkling vivid colors such as emerald green and light blue.

Girlfriend Collective also has a recycling program called ‘Regirlfriend’ where you can send your old Girlfriend Collective clothes.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Day At The Beach
Ethical & Sustainable: Recycled and eco-friendly materials such as Tencel, Modal, and Cupro, and sustainable packaging.
Price Range: $$

Summer Salt is a colorful beach-inspired lifestyle brand. Its mission is to bring a slice of coastal living to everyday life. The brand values positivity, community, and sustainability. They offer a range of products including swimwear, clothing, and accessories, all designed with a summery, relaxed feel. The brand is based in Austin, Texas but delivers to customers worldwide.

In addition to creating high-quality products, Summer Salt is also committed to sustainability. They have implemented many initiatives to reduce waste, such as using eco-friendly packaging, and sustainable materials for their collection. 



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For Lingerie
Ethical & Sustainable: Oeko-tex certified non-toxic textile, organic cotton, sewn in NYC, plant-based dyes, and sustainable materials.
Price Range: $$$

Araks creates sustainable and luxury lingerie. All pieces are proudly made in New York, using organic certified cotton and other recycled and sustainably sourced materials. 

And the eco-conscious efforts don’t stop there – Araks also utilizes plant-based dyes for their radiant pastel lingerie, swimwear, and lounge apparel. 



Best Colorful Clothing For A Picnic Or A Weekend In The Countryside
Ethical & Sustainable: Ethically made, organic materials, environmentally friendly initiatives, and supporting local communities.
Price Range: $$$

Christy Dawn is a sustainable luxury fashion brand based in L.A. The colorful clothing brand provides ideal looks for picnics or countryside outings.

Founded with the mission to create beautiful, high-quality clothing while minimizing its impact on the environment, the brand values slow fashion, ethical production, and transparency. 

Christy Dawn offers a range of multicolored dresses, tops, and accessories, all made from deadstock fabric (excess fabric thrown by fashion companies) and natural materials such as Organic and Regenerative cotton.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Wedding Or A Garden Party
Ethical & Sustainable: Low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, repurposed vintage clothing, climate-neutral certified, and sustainable practices.
Price Range: $$$

Founded in 2009 as an L-A small vintage shop, Reformation quickly grew to become a leading brand in sustainable fashion.

The brand collections feature effortless, feminine pieces with unique elegant pastel patterns made from sustainable materials, including organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled polyester. Reformation offers a range of clothing items such as dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and jackets, all designed with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For Work
Ethical & Sustainable: Organic and recycled certified materials, non-toxic certified materials.
Price Range: $$

Quince’s mission is to offer clothing pieces made from premium materials and designed to last longer. They believe in creating fashion that is not only stylish but also sustainable. 

The brand prioritizes the use of organic materials, environmentally friendly packaging, and ethical business practices. 

Quince offers a range of clothing items that are made from high quality, organic materials that include everything from women’s and men’s apparel to baby, travel, and home products. 


Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Dinner Party
Ethical & Sustainable: Sustainable materials such as Lenzing and Ecovero, recyclable packaging, give back to charities, and pieces made by artisans.
Price Range: $$$

Leading the British sustainable clothing movement, Boden has a long experience in eco-friendly fashion. The brand displays a range of bright summery color dresses, tops, coats, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children.

Simple yet stylish pieces with bold and luminous colors.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Festival & Concert
Ethical & Sustainable: Small Fair-Trade manufacturer based in Delhi, and hand-make fabrics.
Price Range: $$$

Wray is a womenswear brand founded in 2015 by Wray Cook. Designed in New York, the clothes are produced by a small, fair-trade manufacturer based in Delhi, India. 

Her husband Ethan Cook regularly creates limited editions featuring colorful prints, popping colors, and eye-catching designs. 

Each WRAY garment is made to feel comfortable, beautiful, and emboldened.


Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Night Out Or A Party
Ethical & Sustainable: Biodegradable bags, sustainable materials such as organic cotton and Tencel, and Oeko-tex dyes.
Price Range: $$$

Tamga Designs creates folklore-inspired clothes with bright colors. The brand uses eco-friendly certified dyes that contain no hazardous chemicals. 

The world becomes a little bit more sustainable with every Tamga Design purchase. For eco-conscious and sustainable practices, Tamga Designs manages to save water during the production process. 

We love their colorful clothes collection with bright patterns.





Best Colorful Clothing For A Date Or A Romantic Dinner
Ethical & Sustainable: Products 100% recyclable, supply of sustainable products in a zero waste system, and recycling program.
Price Range: $ – $$$

This eco-conscious brand is revolutionizing the fashion world with its focus on zero-waste, closed-loop systems, and circular fashion. Say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to quality basics that you can return and recycle into new pieces. 

Not only will you be doing your part for the planet, but you’ll also receive a swap credit to upgrade your wardrobe. 

We especially love the For Days maternity collection made from sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For A Night At Home
Ethical & Sustainable: Fair Trade Certified, GOTS certified organic cotton, partner with Give Back Box, offset carbon footprint, and recycled packaging.
Price Range: $ – $$

Pact is all about ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. Their clothes are certified organic and produced in Fair Trade Certified factories that follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The brand donates a portion of its profits to various environmental causes and partners with the Give Back Box® program which gives a second life to used clothes.

The conscious brand offers a full line of inclusive apparel for every size. Pact currently only delivers in the US.



Best Colorful Clothing Brand For Traveling
Ethical & Sustainable: 100% organic cotton, 100% recycled merino wool, environmentally friendly dyes, paper and forest materials FSC-certified.
Price Range: $-$$

The Danish brand, created in 2017, specializes in inclusive activewear and leisure wear with a focus on unisex design. All Colorful Standard pieces are made ethically with 100% organic textiles.


Quizz: What Color Fits You Best?

What color do you gravitate towards when choosing your clothing?

A. Bright and bold colors

B. Neutral and earthy tones

C. Pastel and muted colors

How do you describe your personal style?

A. Bold and eclectic

B. Classic and timeless

C. Soft and romantic

What’s your go-to mood booster?

A. A burst of vibrant colors

B. A calming walk in nature

C. A cozy night in with a good book

How would you describe your home decor style?

A. Bold and eclectic

B. Minimalistic and neutral

C. Soft and cozy

What’s your favorite season?

A. Summer

B. Autumn

C. Spring

When it comes to fashion, what’s your biggest priority?

A. Making a statement

B. Comfort and versatility

C. Femininity and elegance

What’s your favorite type of music?

A. Upbeat and energetic

B. Calm and soothing

C. Melodic and romantic

How would you describe your ideal weekend activity?

A. An adventure-filled day with friends

B. A relaxing day spent at home

C. A day spent exploring and soaking in beauty

How do you approach problem-solving?

A. With bold and creative solutions

B. By weighing pros and cons and making a practical decision

C. By finding a peaceful and harmonious solution.

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