Clean Beauty Gifts Ideas

24 Clean Beauty Gifts Ideas For Every Occasions

Whether you’re shopping for a dear friend who is passionate about cruelty-free beauty products, a family member committed to a vegan lifestyle, or a loved one with gluten sensitivities, the task of selecting the ideal present can be far from straightforward. Navigating the realm of clean beauty gifts can often feel like a daunting quest, as the market teems with a plethora of options, each with its own set of values and considerations.

But, fret not, for in this guide, we have curated a selection of 24 Clean Beauty Gift Ideas for Every Occasion, designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your conscious and eco-friendly gift recipients. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday celebration, or a spontaneous gesture of appreciation, this collection will not only inspire your gift-giving but also emphasize the importance of mindful, ethical choices in the world of beauty products.

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1. Clean Beauty – Skincare Gift Sets

Best Luxury Gift Sets

Tata Harper

Product Range | Anti-aging, sensitive skin, daily essentials, serums, cleansing, morning and nightime routine, him, and more

Price Range | Sets start at $20 – $375

Tata Harper is a renowned beauty brand known for its commitment to natural and non-toxic skincare products. With a focus on organic ingredients and sustainable practices, Tata Harper offers a luxurious range of skincare solutions that promote healthy, radiant skin while minimizing environmental impact

Clean Beauty Gifts Ideas

Best Gift Sets for Clean Beauty Beginner

Juice Beauty

Product Range | Moisturizers, cleansers, toners, peels and serums

Price Range | Sets start at $39

Juice Beauty, a beloved brand among clean beauty enthusiasts, offers the perfect gift sets and gift cards for those who cherish natural, organic skincare. Their eco-conscious formulations harness the power of fruit stem cells and botanical ingredients, ensuring a radiant and toxin-free glow.

Best Gift Sets for Pregnant Women

Herbivore Botanicals

Product Range | Face (moisturizers, serums, cleansers), bath and body, and more

Price Range | Gifts start at $12

Herbivore Botanicals, a haven for clean beauty aficionados, creates exquisite gift sets and gift cards featuring their plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas. Elevate your self-care routine with their luxurious, synthetic-free products crafted from pure botanical ingredients.

Best Gift Sets – Cruelty-Free & Vegan


Product Range | Moisturizers, serums, cleansers, masks, toners and more

Price Range | Sets start at $46

Dermalogica is a groundbreaking skincare brand that redefines the way we approach beauty. Their unique approach offers personalized, clean, and professional-grade skincare solutions. With a commitment to customization, clean formulations, and global recognition, Dermalogica empowers individuals to achieve their best skin ever.

Best Gift Sets – Non-Toxic Ingredients

Burt’s Bees

Product Range | Lip and skin care

Price Range | Sets start at $9.98

This all-natural collection includes 5 Burt’s Bees favorites for head-to-toe pampering. Restore dry, cracked skin with hand and foot care essentials, while the Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, and Beeswax Lip Balm moisturize and protect your face and body during winter. This ready-to-gift set is perfect to gift a clean beauty lover.

Best Gift Sets – Organic Ingredients

100% Pure

Product Range | Face, Hair and Body

Price Range | Sets start at $25

Crafted with the finest, unadulterated ingredients, 100% Pure gift set are testaments to the brand commitment to clean and healthy skincare. Their all-natural gift set are designed to nourish and revitalize your skin, and to bring a naturally beautiful glow.

Best Gift Sets for Clean Beauty Routine


Product Range | Face, Body, and Soul

Price Range | Sets start at $25

Here’s the perfect addition to a clean beauty routine: the gift set from Ayurvedic expert Martha Soffer. This travel-friendly collection includes a radiant-enhancing face oil, a collagen-rich cream infused with saffron, frankincense, and rose petals, a sculpting Kansa wand, and a nourishing lip balm. Martha’s expertise shines through, delivering glowier, healthier-looking skin. For clean beauty lovers, this set is a true embodiment of natural, Ayurvedic beauty principles.

2. Clean Beauty – Haircare Gift Sets

Rahua – Skincare Discovery Set

Your clean beauty adventure for this holiday season is the Rahua’s exclusive advent calendar. Uncover 12 beauty rituals infused with plant-powered ingredients to rejuvenate hair and enhance skin’s radiance.

Featuring award-winning products like the Hydration Detangler and Aloe Vera Hair Gel, alongside new gems like the Enchanted Island Shampoo and Conditioner, this limited edition set is both thoughtful and sustainably packaged.

Crown Affair – Haircare Set

Indulge in hair care luxury with this chic pistachio-colored gift set. Inside, you’ll find four essential items for all hair types – a classic boar-bristle brush, wide-tooth comb, silkifying hair serum, and a quick-drying microfiber hair towel that holds your hair effortlessly.

The bonus three-minute hourglass adds a touch of mindfulness to your routine. Whether a gift for yourself or a loved one, this set is a hair care dream come true.

Prose – Personalized Haircare

Prose redefines the beauty experience with personalized, clean beauty hair products. Perfect for gifting to clean beauty enthusiasts, Prose offers individualized solutions tailored to specific hair needs. Their commitment to transparency and sustainability as a certified B-corporation ensures ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Prose’s innovative formulas, blending natural actives, provide proven results. This gift is a luxurious and considerate choice.

Briogeo – Scalp Massager

The Gift of Scalp Revival: A stimulating duo designed to detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate the scalp, perfect for clean beauty enthusiasts. This Micro-exfoliating Shampoo, used weekly, rids the scalp of buildup, oil, and congestion for a healthier appearance.

Pair it with the Stimulating Therapy Massager for an invigorating massage experience. The innovative approach of Briogeo, offers a back-to-basics hair care line that delivers targeted results. Whether your hair type is dry, damaged, curly, or straight, Briogeo’s products ensure uncompromised quality.

HairMax – Hair LaserBand

Perfect for clean beauty lovers, this innovative device promotes hair growth and reverses thinning, revitalizing damaged hair. It features a flexible band that comfortably adjusts to most head sizes, delivering energizing light through 41 medical-grade lasers to your scalp and follicles.

The set includes the LaserBand 41 Device, Charging Cradle/Stand, Rechargeable Battery, Power Cord, and User Manual. Most users experience results within 16 weeks, making it a powerful hair care solution.

3. Clean Beauty – Box Subscriptions

Sonage Skincare Box

Subscription | Monthly 

Ships to | US

Experience the benefits of natural self-care with a monthly Skincare Subscription Box that delivers clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products using high-performance formulas for effective results. Each box includes a full-size Sonage product, an organic tote bag, and exclusive discounts. With a sweet deal of up to $75 value, this subscription is the perfect way to discover the latest clean skincare favorites.

The Detox Box

Subscription | Monthly

Ships to | US

Created in California in 2010, The Detox Market is dedicated to clean beauty. The brand offers products formulated with cruelty-free and natural ingredients to achieve high-performance results. 

The Detox Box is the monthly subscription box from the Detox Market. The box shares popular and high-rated skincare products with subscribers. You’ll usually receive 2-3 products from a featured brand. Each box contains unique beauty discoveries from clean beauty brands such as One Love Organics, Ursa Major, Goop, or Alpyn Beauty.

Simply Earth Box

Subscription | Monthly

Ships to | US

The Simply Earth Box offers four oils and six recipes each month, allowing users to create safe and easy-to-make beauty products using essential oils. The subscription includes 100% certified pure oils and recipes curated by professional aromatherapists. 

The essential oils are ethically sourced from farms around the world and every bottle is tested for quality assurance. 

Jewel Box – Herbivore

Subscription | One time 

Ships to | US

Herbivore has launched a limited-edition collection of 100% natural facial oils and serums to mix and match for a tailored skincare routine. The kit includes Phoenix Facial Oil, Emerald Hemp Seed Facial Oil, Lapis Facial Oil, Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum, and Bakuchiol Serum.

Each product targets different skin concerns such as dryness, dullness, blemishes, uneven skin texture, and tone. The oils and serums can be mixed and matched to create customized skincare regimen that address individual skin needs.

The collection is suitable for all skin types.

Petit Four Box

Subscription | Monthly

Ships to | US & Worldwide

Petit Vour offers a personalized luxury, and cruelty-free beauty box. Each month, subscribers receive four to five non-toxic, plant-based beauty products that are researched and rigorously tested for performance. 

The brand is committed to ingredient integrity and does not include harmful or animal-tested ingredients. They also prioritize ethical manufacturing and ensure that the products from the box meet high ethical standards.

Subscribing to Petit Vour box earns customers $4 in store credit.

Laurel & Reed Clean Beauty Box

Subscription | Monthly

Ships to | US & Worldwide

Every L&R box features 3+ full size products including non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty free hair care, body and skincare with a minimum retail value of $125+.

Items range from face oils, moisturizers, masks and eye creams to body oils, hand creams and even eye masks and mixing bowls and brushes to enhance your self-care experience.


Subscription | Bi-monthly

Ships to | US

Boxwalla Skincare Subscription Box is a bi-monthly subscription that curates luxury plant-based beauty products for skincare enthusiasts.

The Boxwalla provides guidance on incorporating each new products into a skincare routine tailored to individual skin needs. This clean beauty box is designed to build on previous boxes, enabling subscribers to experience products across different categories that complement each other and help build an effective skincare routine. 

Think Dirty – Clean Beauty Box

Subscription |
 One time

Ships to | US & Worldwide

Discover this beauty box featuring 8-10 hand-picked clean beauty products valued at up to $USD 200+. The box is a collaboration with high-rated clean beauty brands.

The selection includes a range of products such as makeup remover cloth, facial wipes, soap, blemish care serum, shampoo bar, facial oil, and more. The offer is available for Canadian and international addresses and includes plenty of goodies. 

4. Clean Beauty – Wellness Gifts

Esker – Bath Lovers Set

The perfect gift for yourself, or a fellow bath lover. 

‘The Works Bundle’ is the perfect gift for bath lovers. This exquisite set includes all the fan-favorite essentials:

  1. Dry Brush: A twine-wrapped exfoliation tool.
  2. Sparkling Bath Salts: Deep relaxation in a reusable glass carafe with a built-in scoop.
  3. Bath Board: The essential bath tool with ample space for bath-time essentials.
  4. Body Wash (8.5oz): To cleanse and nourish the skin.
  5. Body Oil (4oz): To replenish and heal.

A Massage or Spa Certificate

A Massage or Spa Certificate is the perfect gift for clean beauty lovers as it provides a luxurious escape that harmonizes with their passion for natural and organic skincare. These certificates offer a pampering experience that often incorporates toxin-free, eco-friendly products, ensuring a holistic and rejuvenating experience. It’s a thoughtful and indulgent choice that not only nourishes the body and mind but also resonates with their commitment to clean, natural well-being.

Asakuki – Essential Oils Diffuser

Another great gift for Clean Beauty Lovers. This versatile ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a game-changer, featuring a 500ml water tank, 7 LED light colors, multiple mist nebulizer modes, and a convenient remote control. The ultra-quiet fan ensures a serene ambiance, quieter than a gentle breath.

Ideal for various occasions, the diffuser can function as a nightlight, reading companion, or meditation aid. It’s made from BPA-free materials, ensuring safety for your family and pets. With a beautiful gift box, this makes a thoughtful gift choice.

A Book About Clean Beauty

These recipes, ranging from shampoos to lotions, body butters to scrubs, and more, not only promote radiant, healthy skin and hair but also offer substantial savings.

With the use of 100% natural, fresh ingredients, clean beauty lovers will enjoy a newfound glow, health, and youthfulness. ‘101 Organic Body Care Recipes’ is a thoughtful gift that aligns with their values and inspires them to embrace clean, holistic beauty practices.”

All photos credits belong to respective brands.

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