99 Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Made Safe – The Human Health And Ecosystem-Focused Product Certification

Products Certified: Apparel, Baby And Child Items, Bedding, Cosmetics, Household, Intimate And Personal Care, And Pets.

The Made Safe label certifies that a product is not toxic to human health or the environment. Made Safe was created in 2014 by Nontoxic Certified, a non-profit organization.

Ingredients, manufacturing, and end-of-life disposal processes are reviewed by an independent third party. The final product should not contain any ingredients harmful to human health or the environment. 

Currently, 6500 hazardous substances are banned from the Made Safe ingredient list.

The certification applies to apparel, baby and child items, bedding, cosmetics, household, intimate and personal care, and pet products. This is a very popular clean beauty certification. 

EWG – The Non-Toxic Certification

Products Certified: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Textile, Household Product, Food, And Water 

The Environmental Working Group certifies products that are non-toxic for human health and the environment.

Founded in 1993, EWG is focused on chemical safety and bans hazardous substances. The Group’s mission is to push companies to create safer and healthier products. On the EWG website, you can find many reports about substances proven to create allergies, fertility issues, and even cancers. 

EWG certification means that a product went through the strictest checks for human health and was found safe to use and free from hazardous chemicals. The EWG label is an important clean beauty certification guaranteeing the safety of your makeup or skincare products.

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Clothing Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Pact: Sustainable clothes for kids and adults. GOTS certified organic cotton

Kotn: Luxurious ultra-soft basics. OEKO-TEX certified nontoxic dyes

Quince: Affordable silk & cashmere clothing. OEKO-TEX certified

Fair Indigo: Organic basics. GOTS certified organic cotton

Boody: Bamboo Apparel. OEKO-TEX & ECOCERT certified bamboo

LA Relaxed: Clothing: Casual everyday wear. GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Colorful Standard: Brightly colored basics. 100% organic cotton, 100% recycled merino wool

Mightly: Children’s and maternity apparel. – GOTS certified organic cotton

Organic Basics: Loungewear, activewear, underwear. Eco certified organic

Ahimsa: Handmade vegan shoes and vegan accessories. Made Safe Certified.

Hass Apparel: Wardrobe collection with GOTS certified organic cotton. Made Safe Certified.

Toxin-Free Bedroom

Mattresses & Bedding Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Avocado: Certified organic mattresses, pillows & bedding using natural and renewable materials to ensure luxurious, supportive sleep. Made Safe Certified.

Coyuchi: GOTS-Certified Organic Bedding. Made Safe Certified.

Happsy: 100% Certified Organic Mattresses. Made Safe Certified.

– My Green Mattress: Healthy and non-toxic mattresses, handcrafted in America. Made Safe Certified.

Naturepedic: Organic mattress. Made Safe Certified.

Boll & Branch: Organic bedding.

Parachute: Organic bedding.

Gluten-Free Face Wash

Skincare Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Biossance: Natural anti-aging skincare.EWG certified.

True Botanicals: Sustainable skincare products. Made Safe Certified.

Kate Mcleod: Clean skincare. Made Safe Certified.

Well People: Cruelty free makeup and skincare for all skin types. EWG certified.

Juice Beauty: Cruelty-free, vegan skincare and beauty products made with organic ingredients.EWG certified.

Sonage: Clean beauty skincare. EWG certified.

Iunik: Minimalism skincare.EWG certified.

Olita Shop: Clean suncare products.EWG certified.

Annmarie: Wildcrafted, organic skincare. Made Safe Certified.

Ayuna: Natural, rejuvenating skincare program. Made Safe Certified.

– Balsam Hollow: Clean skincare products hand-crafted in small batches from plants native to Balsam Hollow Minnesota. Made Safe Certified.

Caldera Lab: Men’s skincare with pharmaceutical-grade science and nature’s purest and most potent ingredients.Made Safe Certified.

Clary Collection: Plant-based, certified non-toxic, and 100% organic skincare. Made Safe Certified.

– Divine Tandav: USDA organic, vegan and cruelty free skin and hair care products. Made Safe Certified.

Evereden: Clean Skincare for the Family. Made Safe Certified.

– Freegirl: Toxin-free, organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, plant-based skincare. Made Safe Certified.

H Honeycup: Natural body care and skin care products. Made Safe Certified.

Herb Science: Non-toxic skin and hair care. Made Safe Certified.

– Kaelen Harwell: Organic safe SPF & non-toxic skincare products. Made Safe Certified.

Kosmatology: Affordable organic skincare line. Made Safe Certified.

– Little Rituals: Natural skin care products for kids. Made Safe Certified.

LOLI Beauty: Sustainable and natural beauty products. Made Safe Certified.

– Rejuva Minerals: Natural and organic cosmetics ethically manufactured for sensitive skin. Made Safe Certified.

Shimmer Chef: Fresh, microbiome fortifying beauty line. Made Safe Certified.

Soapwalla: Vegan skincare.Made Safe Certified.

Symbiome: Science-first formulas to restore resilience and replenish skin‘s microbiome.Made Safe Certified. 

Solara Suncare: Skincare that combines natural SPF with clean skincare science.EWG certified

Mychelle: Dermaceuticals Premium Naturals Skincare. EWG certified

Beauty Counter: Clean skincare. EWG certified

– Arganat: 100% natural and ecological skincare and personal care products.EWG certified

– Spinster Sisters: Plant-based ingredients skincare and haircare.EWG certified

Mineral Fusion: Natural vegan cosmetics.EWG certified

– Just The Goods: Natural  skincare.EWG certified

Sally B’s Skin Yummies: Non-toxic skincare.EWG certified

Seakind: Natural skincare.EWG certified

Modere: Collagen skincare.EWG certified

Isoi: Korean clean skincare.EWG certified

– Acarre: Bioactive treatment products for the beauty minimalist. Made Safe Certified.

Is Herbal Essences Good for Your Hair?

Hair Care Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Captain Blankenship: Sea Inspired Hair Care. Made Safe Certified.

Nuele: Clean hair care. Made Safe Certified.

Radico: Organic Herbal Henna Powder.Made Safe Certified.

– Comm Leaf: Non-toxic pet shampoo.EWG certified

Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes

Personal Care Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Jonah Fresh: All-natural oral care products.Made Safe Certified.

Lumineux: Whiten teeth with purposeful and uncompromising ingredients. Made Safe Certified.

Muses: Roll-on topicals made with all organic ingredients.Made Safe Certified.

Soapply: Modern luxury soap made with food grade organic oils. Made Safe Certified.

– Owl In A Towel: Natural deodorant cream and hand sanitizers.EWG certified

Freedom Deodorant: Natural deodorant brand for women.EWG certified

Happy Tooth Health: Safe tooth powder.EWG certified

Buhbli Organics: USDA Organic essential oils, skin care oils & Himalayan bath salts. Made Safe Certified.

Honey Sweetie Acres: Premium quality goat milk soaps.EWG certified

Toxin-Free Bedroom

Cleaning Products Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Blueland: Eco-friendly cleaning products to save you money and space, without any plastic waste. Made Safe Certified.

Branch Basics: Human-safe, non-toxic cleaning products. Made Safe Certified.

Meliora Cleaning Products: Sustainable home cleaning and laundry products with safe, transparent ingredients. Made Safe Certified.

Pure: Natural and non-toxic cleaning products.Made Safe Certified.

Aunt Fannies: Natural cleaning products. EWG certified

Baby Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Babo Botanicals: Natural and organic skin, sun and hair care products for newborns, babies, kids and the entire family. Made Safe Certified.

Ella Ola: Skincare from baby to big kid — Crafted with natural botanical ingredients. Made Safe Certified.

Wellements: Organic baby care products. Made Safe Certified.

Colored Organics: Organic apparel for babies.

Matrescence: Safe skincare for pregnancy.EWG certified

Caboo: Tree-Free bamboo toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, and certified bamboo flushable wipes. Made Safe Certified.

Healthy Baby: Non-toxic diapers. Made Safe Certified.

Lullaby Earth: Safe and healthy baby cribs. Made Safe Certified.

Pura Stainless: Certified non toxic stainless steel baby bottles, sippy cups, and sport bottles.Made Safe Certified.

Organic And Non-Toxic Tampons Brands

Feminine Care Brands Certified Non-Toxic

Ah! Yes: Certified organic vaginal moisturizers, lubricants and feminine washes. Made Safe Certified.

Good Clean Love: Organic lubricants and feminine hygiene products. Made Safe Certified.

Natracare: Plastic-free natural pads, panty liners, organic tampons and wipes.Made Safe Certified.

Organyc: Feminine care products and packaging are 100% biodegradable.Made Safe Certified.

Best Non-Toxic Candles

Candles Brands Certified Non-Toxic

– Candelle: Clean non-toxic beeswax candles with essential oils you can trust. Made Safe Certified.

Fontana Candle: Non-toxic beeswax candles and essential oils. Made Safe Certified.

Natural Sloth: Beeswax Candles: 100% Natural and scented with only pure essential oils. Made Safe Certified.

Kitchen Brands Certified Non-Toxic

360 Cookware: Non-toxic stainless steel cookware

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