Plastic-Free Coffee Makers

13 Plastic-Free Coffee Makers for Conscious Consumers (2024)

Coffee lovers and conscientious consumers alike are on the lookout for plastic-free alternatives that offer both a great brew and a reduced ecological footprint.

Here is our selection of 13 plastic-free coffee makers that blend the art of coffee making with a commitment to a cleaner, greener planet. Whether you’re a pour-over purist, a French press aficionado, or a fan of modern coffee technology, there’s a plastic-free option here for everyone, ensuring your daily caffeine fix is not only delicious but also eco-friendly.

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1. Chemex – Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Hassle-Free Cleaning

Capacity | 8 cups 

Price range | $$

Why we love it | Non-porous borosilicate glass, patented pour-over design

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to clean up after making your cup of coffee in the morning, the Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker is the one for you. It is incredibly easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about lingering chemical residue. 

This manual coffee maker is 100% plastic-free. It’s made of high-quality materials, including borosilicate glass, which doesn’t break down in the dishwasher and is designed to last decades. Its wooden collar is excellent for insulation and makes it easy to handle while pouring, while the leather tie is a beautiful aesthetic detail and can withstand extreme temperatures. 

The pour spout provides an efficient air channel for a smooth pour every time. You can conveniently cover the pot when you have leftover coffee and refrigerate or reheat it whenever you please. The package comes with six filters; you can buy replacements when you run out. 

Customer review | The coffee is smooth and creamy, with lots of body and very little bitterness. The Chemex holds the coffee indefinitely and when you’ve poured off the last of the coffee the bottom is clean since only the liquid coffee made it through. Just a quick rinse and it’s ready for the next brew. – Sam M.


2. Utopia Kitchen – French Press Coffee Maker

Best Toxic-Free Coffee Maker for Gift Giving

Capacity | 8 cups 

Price range | $

Why we love it | Heat-resistant borosilicate glass, brews within minutes, and can be used to make tea

Want a bistro-like cup of joe at home? With Utopia Kitchen’s French Coffee Press, you will get precisely that. The French Press has a piston plate that is strong, compact, and practical. And with a powerful 4-filter sieve system, you will never experience gritty coffee beans in your mouth again. It would indeed be an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen. 

The body is made from strong borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures. The stainless steel plunger and filter are highly durable. Although the coffee maker does have a plastic handle, it doesn’t come in contact with any part of the beverage. 

The French Press Coffee Maker by Utopia Kitchen is finely crafted and has passed more than 50 different tests, which is a testament to its make. The best part? You can use it to make espresso, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and tea blends.

Customer review | The price is amazing, given the very nice quality 3 part filter and incredibly easy cleanup. The flavor and texture of the coffee made is phenomenal…. same store brand grounds and water that I always use in my regular percolating and drip makers, but now it’s like I’ve just been served a high end espresso from the finest Italian café. – JC2Hands


3. Ninja – Programmable Brewer

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Large Families 

Capacity | 12 cups 

Price range | $$ 

Why we love it | Removable water reservoir, delay brew programming, clean setting

Large households with many coffee drinkers will especially love this coffee maker by Ninja. The programmable brewer makes about 12 cups of delicious and rich coffee. In fact, it’s so easy to use that you can have a hot cup ready for you even before you wake up. Thanks to its customizable programs, you can schedule your next brew up to 24 hours in advance, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee whenever needed.

The adjustable plates keep your coffee hot and fresh for up to four hours without worrying about burning the liquid. With the two different brew settings—classic and rich—you can choose one that best suits your palate. And the small-batch setting allows you to make small batches, too.

The best part is its clean setting. You can descale the coffee maker in one go with the touch of a button. Ninja’s CE251 Programmable Brewer has a heat-resistant glass carafe and aluminum filters.

Customer review | What’s not to love? It looks great on the counter, it performs great and it brews an excellent cup of full-bodied coffee. I am a big fan of the removable water container, it makes it super easy to fill and also to clean. If you’re on the fence, just go for it. – Genevieve C.


4. Primula – Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Camping 

Capacity | 6 cups 

Price range | $

Why we love it | Gas, electric, and ceramic stovetop compatible, on-the-go design, easy to clean

This coffee maker can hold up to six servings of espresso. The aluminum body is crafted with a cast for long-lasting durability and even heat distribution to deliver rich flavor with every cup. 

The flip-top lid has a heat-resistant knob and handle for safe pouring. All you have to do is fill the lower chamber with water, add ground coffee to the filter, and place it on the stovetop. This coffee maker is perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures as it is portable and easy to clean. 

Customer review | Reminds me of my grandma. I absolutely love it! Makes much more flavorful coffee than drip machines. Don’t put in dishwasher…will ruin it for good! Just wipe oily coffee remains with a paper towel and rinse with water, no soap. – Ursula & Kris C.


5. Presto – Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Instant Brews 

Capacity | 6 cups 

Price range | $$ 

Why we love it | Brews one cup in a minute, easy to clean, signal light, cordless 

If you want quality coffee within minutes, the Presto Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is an excellent option for you. You can brew between two and 12 cups, so it’s great for those living solo, couples, and even large families. 

The stainless steel body looks luxurious and stylish, so you can proudly display it on your countertop or appliance cabinet. It is easy to clean and has a signal light that indicates when your coffee is ready so you can serve it fresh. 

Customer review | Excellent flavor and very easy to clean!  I love mine so much I would purchase another for my RV and this would also make a perfect wedding/Christmas/ housewarming….birthday gift! – Anonymous 


6. Coffee Gator – Pour Over Coffee Maker 

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Zero Waste Lifestyle 

Capacity | 14 oz (1.75 cups)

Price range | $

Why we love it | Stainless steel mesh filter, portable

With the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker, you’ll get cafe-quality results with every brew as it unlocks your coffee’s flavor potential. The BPA-free and heat-resistant glass has a cool-to-touch collar that makes it safe to use. 

This coffee maker is great for those who prioritize sustainability. It uses a laser-cut stainless steel mesh filter that delivers a clean brew, so you don’t have to use disposable paper filters. This makes it a perfect gift for coffee lovers or those starting their zero-waste journey!

Customer review | It’s so good, I often think about wanting more during the day and as a result, will likely buy another pair for my office.  I am hooked and not sure I can ever willingly go back to another method of making coffee. – Annie


7. Dowan – Pour Over Coffee Dripper 

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Small Households 

Capacity | 2 cups 

Price range | $

Why we love it | Brews within minutes, drip coffee technology

This portable ceramic pour-over by Dowan lets you have a traditional, hands-on brewing experience without the hassle of a huge machine and tedious cleaning. You can make a cup or two of coffee anywhere, so it’s perfect for when you’re on the go. 

The three-hole dripping design ensures the coffee flows evenly and is concentrated. Additionally, the V-shaped conical design allows for the grounds to pile higher, prolonging contact time and making it easy to infuse the coffee. The inner wall is ribbed, creating a ridge between the filter paper and the wall of the filter cup. 

Dowan’s pour-over coffee maker is made of durable high-fired ceramic that prevents heat loss and fits with most mugs and thermoses.

Customer review | This is well crafted and I am happy with my purchase. It’s definitely only big enough to make one cup. It’s perfect if you are like I was and wanting to try pour over without investing too much $$. – Susan M.


8. Lindy’s – Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Stovetops 

Capacity | 10 cups 

Price range | $$ 

Why we love it | Gas-top compatible, cool-to-touch handle, quick brew, large capacity

Lindy’s Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker is a simple, non-electric stovetop device that uses old-school technology to make warm, rich, and thick coffee. Its time-tested drip coffee technology brews within minutes.

This strong stainless steel product is guaranteed to last for many years. It also has a large capacity—it can hold up to 10 cups, making it a great choice if you’re camping with a large group or if many coffee drinkers live at home. 

The handles are cool to the touch, ensuring each pour is safe and convenient. While they are made with plastic, your coffee doesn’t come in contact with them.

Customer review | This stainless steel drip coffee maker is sturdy and everything that was advertised. For me, it’s reminiscent of what my parents and grandparents used when I was growing up in central Louisiana. Excellent product! – Inez E.


9. Breville – Barista Express Espresso Machine

Best Sustainable Coffee Maker for Artisanal Coffee

Capacity | 4 lbs 

Price range | $$$ 

Why we love it | Dose control grinding, built-in coffee grinder, included accessories

The Breville Barista Express delivers professional-quality coffee at home with this all-in-one espresso machine. It has an integrated grinder with 16 settings, tamping, a pressure gauge, and an easy-to-use interface. 

The dose-control grinding works on demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee. The manual microform milk texturing wand ensures textured microfoam milk that enhances flavor and allows you to create latte art. 

Accessories included if you buy the Breville Barista Express are a Razor Dose Trimming Tool, a Stainless Steel Portafilter, a Coffee Scoop, an Integrated Tamper, and more. This is an excellent machine for anyone who enjoys the process of coffee making and wants something close to the professional at home.

Customer review | All-in-all, this is an amazing machine for this price point. There is a reason this machine is so popular and highly rated. There’s a lot of customization available to you and it is a very good quality machine. – Maddle


10. Bayka – French Press Coffee Maker 

Best Overall Plastic-Free Coffee Maker 

Capacity | 34 oz (4.25 cups)

Price range | $

Why we love it | Heat-resistant thickened borosilicate glass, 4-level filtration system, easy to use and clean 

With a sleek and stylish design, the Bayka French Press Coffee Maker looks elegant and timeless. This glass coffee press is well-loved by coffee enthusiasts because it delivers a rich, pure-tasting brew. The durable and long-lasting borosilicate glass is thermal shock-resistant. While that’s impressive, what takes the cake is its four-level filtration system that ensures sediment-free coffee.

The Bayka French Press Coffee Maker is designed so it’s easy to use and clean. The glass carafe is removable, and the plunger and filter are dishwasher safe. 

Customer review | This French Press is very impressive. Not only is it attractive, but it is made of high-quality, sturdy materials. Combine these features with great cost and convenient usage..well, it doesn’t get much better. Plus, the packaging and instructions are far more elegant than other brands. – Marie B.


11. Sivaphe – Bamboo French Press 

Best Sustainable Coffee Maker with Bamboo Handles 

Capacity | 34 oz (4.25 cups)

Price range | $

Why we love it | Heat-resistant, bamboo handles, quick brew

The Sivaphe French Press can brew a wholesome cup of coffee in just 2 to 4 minutes. It’s easy to use, the parts come apart easily for cleaning, and is entirely plastic-free. The glass carafe is very sturdy, and the bamboo stand is stable, so there’s no risk of spills. The filter screen is made of fine mesh, and the bamboo handle is comfortable to grip. 

The Sivaphe French Press is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a stainless steel frame and a durable bamboo handle—this coffee maker can be a companion for life. It’s great for homes, offices, and the outdoors. The best part is that it can also be used to make tea. 

Customer review |  I wanted a French press for one or two servings. This is a perfect size. It looks so cute displayed on a tray with coffee accessories or as part of decor on a stand in my kitchen . It makes wonderful cold brew and no coffee grinds ever escape into my cup. From hot to cold it is very durable and super easy to clean. – Maddiematters


12. Bonsen – Kitchen Drip Coffee Maker 

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Home and Office Use 

Capacity | 12 cups 

Price range | $$

Why we love it | Automatic shut-off, programmable, easy to use

Say yes to hot coffee all day long with Bunsen Kitchen Drip Coffee Maker. It has a hot preservation function, and an adjustable hot plate lets you set the temperature to your specific tastes. It also has a fully automatic 24-hour programmable function, so you can set up your brew before going to bed and wake up to freshly brewed coffee. You can also control the brew strength to suit your taste.

Another practical and efficient feature is the automatic self-cleaning function. It also has an LCD light screen and an auto-off function, which goes into sleep mode after one minute of inactivity, which helps save power.

Customer review | Wow I just found my favorite maker of all time. I can use less coffee and use the bold setting for excellent flavor. The 4 hour warming plate is perfect for my and my husband’s schedules and coffee flavor is excellent with no old or burnt flavor. – Karen R.


13. Hario – Olive Wood Pour Over Stand Set

Best Plastic-Free Coffee Maker for Couples 

Capacity | 4 cups 

Price range | $$

Why we love it | Olive wood stand, borosilicate glass body

The Hario V60 Coffee Maker and Stand is made with borosilicate glass that’s incredibly durable and will maintain your brew’s temperature. It is great for artisanal coffee, thanks to its iconic Japanese design and pour-over kettle. The olive wood is steady and not very susceptible to stains, odors, and bacteria, ensuring a safe and healthy brew every time. 

The Japanese design looks impressive when displayed on the countertops and is definitely a conversation starter. The coffee maker holds about 2 to 4 cups, so it’s an excellent option for couples or small households. And if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can also use this to make tea. 

Customer review | Very nicely made and looks lovely on our counter. I didn’t realize making coffee could also be so visually satisfying. The coffee is great. Filters seem a little hard to find, but now that I found them on Amazon, I know what to reorder. – Angela


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