How To Choose A Marble Coffee Table?

Marble is a natural material that has been used for centuries in architecture and home decor. Not only is it beautiful and timeless, but it is also highly durable, making it a sustainable choice for your coffee table. 

From artisanal craftsmanship to modern designs, we selected 6 brands that offer a wide range of options for any interior style. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a functional addition to your living room, you’re sure to find a marble coffee table that fits your needs and preferences.

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4 Reasons To Choose A Marble Coffee Table

Infographic – 4 reasons to choose marble furniture


Marble is a highly durable and timeless material. It can withstand the test of time and its lifespan is infinite as long as it is maintained and cared for properly.

For thousands of years, marble has been used to decorate historic buildings and monuments such as the Taj Mahal in India or Versailles Castle in France. Augustus Caesar, the first Emperor of Rome, once said “I found Rome in bricks and I built it in marble.

Marble ages remarkably well says Boston-based designer Liz Caan, “It can be re-sanded, resealed, and repaired.” This makes it the perfect material for elegant furniture in general and more precisely a coffee table.

Always in Style 

Marble is an elegant natural stone that brings grace to any space, regardless of the period. Marble tables never go out of style as illustrated in Good Housekeeping which features the material in its most popular countertops list for 2022. 

Marble’s incredible deep veining remains in fashion today and explains its enduring popularity.  Marble is today as well as in the past a material for luxury, refinement, and taste.

Variety of Colors

From white Calacatta to wave-pattern Mercury Black or Arctic Gray, marble comes in an array of colors, including white, beige, brown, green, and more.

Italian marble is characterized by its softness and high shine, giving it a crystal-like appearance. 

In contrast, Indian marble is known to be a bit harder and has a medium shine. Both types of marble are popular choices for a variety of applications, from furniture to countertops.


Marble is a sustainable material that is naturally abundant and does not require the use of other materials for production. Its durability and recyclability make it an ideal choice for construction and design. 

After being used for construction or furniture, marble can be broken down into small pieces and recycled to create concrete. 

While most marble quarries are located in India and Italy, which can result in shipping with a high carbon footprint, sourcing marble from quarries in Vermont or purchasing reclaimed marble from a stone recycler can reduce the environmental impact.

Disadvantages of Marble

Marble is a beautiful but porous material that can react poorly to acidic liquids, such as coffee or juice. Keep in mind that the lower its absorption rate, the more resistant it will be to wear.

 To maintain its appearance, it is important to avoid spills and to seal the marble annually to protect it from stains. But fear not, you can bleach out ink, grape juice or other stain using a stain removal kit, and scratches and ring marks can be polished according to Louis Gleicher, owner of New York Marble Works which manufactures and repairs marble.

It is also important to note that marble is generally more expensive than other materials such as granite. Despite the higher cost, many people choose marble for its unique beauty and durability.

How To Choose Your coffee Table?

  1. Shape: Find the one that fits your space without looking over-or under-scaled
Crate and Barrel

2. Size: Proportion is key: the longer your sofa, the longer your table should be. It’s about balance.

Crate and Barrel

3. Material: Marble has natural colours that set a luxurious and luminous tone. It can be new, reclaimed, white, black, mixed with wood or metal. Note that the combination of materials elevates the composition.

Infographic- How to choose your coffee table

6 Brands for Marble Coffee Tables

1. Crate and Barrel

Best for: Mid-Century

Shape: Oval, rectangular, round, square

Price range : $809 – $2599

Crate and Barrel is an international lifestyle brand for contemporary and modern furniture offering inspired high-quality products and exclusive designs.

The brand’s marble coffee table line features a mid-century modern aesthetic mixing wood and metal with variations of natural marble. The design is versatile and features a harmonious blend of natural materials and simple shapes. 

Crate and Barrel uses FSC®-certified materials, supporting responsible management of the world’s forests. The marble coffee tables of the brand are made in India. Count 3-5 days for rush delivery in the USA, international deliveries are also available.

2. West Elm

Best for: Minimalism

Shape: Triangular, rectangular, round, square, with storage

Price Range: $329 – $849

West Elm’s motto is “good for the people, good for the planet”. The company prides itself on its commitment supporting the people behind its products with a focus on ethical production (Fair Trade USA) and worker well-being. The American brand is dedicated to implement eco-friendly practices and uses sustainably sourced certified materials. West Elm is featured on Barron’s Most Sustainable Companies list for 4 years.

West Elm marble coffee tables display a sleek design with a minimalist influence. Following your order, the furniture will be brought into your home, placed in the room of your choice, fully assembled and all packaging will be removed.

3. Safavieh

Best for: Modern

Shape: Triangular, rectangular, round, square, with storage, nesting

Price Range: starts at $133

Safavieh is a home furnishings brand that has been providing high-quality, stylish products for over 100 years. Initially specialized in rugs, the company today offers a wide range of furniture options, from traditional and vintage-inspired pieces to contemporary and modern designs. 

They offer a variety of affordable coffee tables including marble coffee tables. Products are crafted with care and attention to detail. Safavieh has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. 

4. Etsy

Best for: Unique Design & Handmade 

Shape: Free shape, Triangular, rectangular, round, square, with storage, mirrored

Price Range: starts at $271

Etsy is an American marketplace specializing in handmade, vintage and unique items. The Platform connects small businesses, artists and creators to global communities. Etsy thrives to shine a light on unique and one-of-a-kind items that are not available in traditional retail stores.

On the platform, you’ll find a variety of uniquely-designed and handmade marble coffee tables created by independent makers and artisans.

5. Chairish

Best for: Vintage, Antique & Pre-Owned

Shape: Oval, rectangular, round, square, with storage, unique shape, mirrored

Price Range: starts at $150

Chairish is a one-stop shop for finding vintage, antique, and contemporary pieces of furniture. This platform was awarded the USA Today Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Place to Shop Online for Furniture and Home Decor” in 2021. 

The majority of the marketplace’s inventory, about 85%, is vintage, and the brand’s philosophy is based on the “circular economy” concept. 

The selection on Chairish includes furniture, art, and a wide variety of marble coffee tables available in various styles, sizes, and shapes. 

6. Walmart

Best for: Faux Marble & Contemporary

Shape: Rectangular, round, square, nesting, with storage

Price Range: starts at $139.99

Walmart is a retail giant known for providing a diverse selection of products, including pieces of furniture. The store’s home department offers a variety of items from well-known brands at budget-friendly prices. 

They have a selection of stylish and affordable marble coffee tables. 

Image Credit: all product photos belong to respective brands. Prices are the ones at the time of the article publication.

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