10 Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care (Science-backed) 

Natural skin care has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people seek safer and more sustainable alternatives to traditional skin care products. 

Unlike conventional skin care that may contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, natural skin care products are made from natural and plant-based ingredients.

But what are the specific benefits of using natural skin care products, and how do they differ from traditional products? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using natural skin care.

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Infographic – Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care

Why is natural skin care important?

1. Harness the natural power of plants

Using natural and organic skin care can be beneficial for your skin as it allows you to harness the nutritional benefits of its ingredients. 

For instance, ingredients like coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, and shea butter are well-known for their ability to naturally soothe, nourish, moisturize, and provide smoother skin and hair. 

Other ingredients such as “Green tea, olive oil, soy, and coffee berry have been shown to have antioxidant properties and may play a role in the treatment and prevention of photoaging” according to the study Cosmetic benefits of natural ingredients.

This is one of the valuable benefits of using natural skin care.

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2. Transparency of the ingredients

Natural cosmetics often prioritize transparency by fully disclosing the list of ingredients used in their products. This allows consumers to make informed choices about what they are putting on their skin and into their bodies. 

By being upfront about the ingredients they use, natural cosmetics brands demonstrate their commitment to integrity and authenticity. Furthermore, this transparency encourages greater trust between consumers and brands, fostering a sense of accountability that benefits both parties.

It’s important to be cautious as some companies engage in greenwashing, making false or exaggerated claims about their products. In fact, a study conducted in Europe found that 42% of green claims were either inaccurate, deceptive, or overstated.

When in doubt look for trusted certifications such as: USDA organic, Ecocert, Made Safe, EWG, etc.

3. Skip hazardous ingredients and dangerous chemicals 

The benefits of using natural skin care are various but safety is what consumers value the most.

A study showed that women use an average of 12 personal care products a day, containing about 168 different chemicals.

Products applied directly on your skin are designed to be absorbed by the skin. Therefore it’s a good idea to cut your daily exposure to chemicals and protect your health by using plant-based skin care.

While the term “organic” is regulated in the USA, the term “natural” is not. It’s essential to check the ingredients of any product you intend to purchase. According to Dr. Melinda Ratini, you should avoid exposure to chemicals such as:

  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) or butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
  • ‌Coal tar dyes
  • Diethanolamine, or DEA
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Polyethylene glycols, or PEG compounds
  • Petrolatum or petroleum jelly
  • Siloxanes or silicones
  • ‌Sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS
  • Triclosan

4. Avoid GMO ingredients

Ingredients used in natural skin care are usually GMO-free, which means that they are not genetically modified in any way. This is an important factor for many people who are concerned about the potential risks associated with genetically modified organisms, such as allergies, toxicity, and environmental damage. 

By avoiding GMOs in their skin care products, natural cosmetics companies create a safer and more sustainable alternative for consumers, but also for the environment. 

5. Safer for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

Even individuals who do not have sensitive skin may experience issues with conventional skin care. This can manifest as dry skin, itching and redness, or even trigger more severe skin problems. Those who suffer from eczema and dermatitis are particularly prone to irritation caused by certain skin care.

Without aggressive chemicals, organic and natural skin care products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation. 

One of the benefits of using natural skin care is to reduce skin allergies or problems for sensitive skin.

Benefices of using natural skin care

6. Enjoy a softer natural fragrance

Natural and organic fragrances are carefully formulated with ingredients sourced directly from nature. They have a fresh, soft, and light aroma that is not overpowering, unlike conventional chemical fragrances that can be allergenic.

Using natural fragrances and essential oils can be a pleasant and rewarding experience for those who are used to using traditional beauty products.

7. Preserve the environment

Conventional skin care products are generally derived from petrochemicals which have strong consequences on the environment.

Because organic skin care uses naturally grown ingredients that are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers, the impact on the planet is less detrimental than conventional skin care.

By using organic and natural skin care, you contribute to minimizing your impact on the environment and supporting sustainable development.

8. Lower water pollution

Conventional cosmetics contain a plethora of chemicals that are disposed of through various means, such as being rinsed off in the sink, washed down the shower drain, or thrown away. 

Unfortunately, these chemicals find their way into the water supply and are often detected at low concentrations in our drinking water and natural habitats. Due to the inability of water treatment plants to remove these chemicals, over 100 chemicals from personal care products remain present in our environment according to this Harvard article.

One of the benefits of using natural skin care is to lower water pollution.

9. Fight animal cruelty

Avoiding animal cruelty is one benefit of using natural skin care brands.

The production process of many skin care products involves cruel testing on animals, which is a common practice in the cosmetic industry. 

However, organic and natural cosmetics make a conscious effort to avoid animal testing and are often certified as cruelty-free by reputable organizations such as Peta or Leaping Bunny.

10. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Natural and organic skin care brands are leading the way in adopting eco-friendly packaging practices. Many companies are now using sustainable packaging materials such as bamboo, glass, or recycled paper.

In addition, some brands are going one step further and using plastic-free or compostable packaging options.

Focus on sustainability is one of the benefits of using natural skin care brands.

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Is natural skin care more effective? 

There is no clear scientific evidence to suggest that natural skin care is more effective than non-natural skin care products. 

The benefits of using natural skincare are not so much about efficiency but rather about prioritizing the safety of your skin by avoiding harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional skin care products.

Is natural skin care safer? 

Among the primary benefits of using natural skin care is the assurance of safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Natural skin care products are typically considered safer because they are made from natural ingredients and are less likely to contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage the skin. 

While natural skin care products may not be more effective, they are often a good choice for those with sensitive skin or individuals who want to avoid exposing their skin to potentially harmful chemicals.

It’s important to note that many chemicals used in conventional skin care have been proven to be safe for use on skin.

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